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Bell Rouge Helmet Review

The Bell Rouge Motorcycle Helmet is the half helmet that covers the lower half of the face but can be converted into a
¾ by extending the muzzle. This stylish and innovative motorcycle helmet is designed not just for protection but also for the comfort of the user. Continue reading

Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews of 2017 (Top 10 Product Reviews)

To ensure a safe riding experience, Motorcycle helmets are a necessity. They protect you from head injuries and other serious accidents. A large variety of these helmets are available in market. Many brands have stepped in the market that manufacture latest and innovative motorcycle helmets. We have put together a Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide in which we have reviewed the top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviews of 2017, their types and the things that you should take care of while purchasing one for yourself.

Continue reading

Scorpion Exo 1100 Review

A wide range of motorcycles helmets are typically available on the market these days. Among these, the Scorpion exo 1100 is one of these which are a fine balance between budget and quality.

The EXO-1100 line-up features a number of models. The lower-end exo 1100 helmets cost as little. while the higher-end helmets in the line-up go up as high. As a result, you can easily find a good fit for you while keeping in view your budget range.

In order to help you decide the right Exo 1100 model as well as to let you assess the pros and cons of the line-up, we have offered a general overview as well as reviews of specific models below. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets 2017 Reviews

Full face motorcycle helmets make you look stylish, almost like an Air Force pilot! If you are looking for the best full face helmets 2017 or are seeking to upgrade your existing one, then this is the best choice! However, choosing among so many products on the market can be confusing. This is why we have shortlisted the finest products and brought them to you! Continue reading

The 5 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets for 2017

Choosing the best modular helmet 2017 can be tricky if you are not sure what type of riding it will be used for. It hard to choose because there are many helmet brands on the market. We made it easy for you by review of top 5 modular motorcycle helmets below.

Before go there you need to know about types of helmet. Different types of helmet include modular, full-face, three-quarter, half shell, dual sport and off-road.

A full-face helmet covers the entire face and head, whereas the three-quarter helmet has the head covered but not the face of the rider. The modular motorcycle helmet is a hybrid of both the three-quarter and full face helmet. Continue reading

Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Review

shoei-bluetooth-motorcycle-helmet-reviewsShoei is a Japanese company and is known globally for being the manufacturers of motorsport helmets. The company has its roots deep in the last century. It’s very first batch of motorcycle helmets reached the market in 1958.

However, it had been manufacturing protective helmets since 1954, although exclusively for the construction industry. With the rising popularity of motorcycle racing in Japan during the 60s, it decided to dedicate its resources and facilities to the venture of making quality products to the sports lovers.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of this brand, which in turn translates to the desire for its products worldwide. Time and time again, Shoei Co. Ltd has shown that it is more innovative than its competitors and cares for customer’s safety. Continue reading