509 Altitude Motorcycle Helmet Review

509 Altitude Helmet Fidlock

509 Altitude Helmet will be the most recent addition into 509 helmets' group. It's a professionally crafted mix of work and style. Where nothing matters, something built to take you. Check price.

It's been raised using a little bit of design compared to and also all features. It's more and somewhat less voluminous, we will research!

This helmet is certainly if you're in to sleds and snowmobiles.

509 Altitude Helmet Fidlock

Serve the aim of protection as it was used to do in prior variants the arrangement of this helmet was designed to be voluminous.

The face guard's inner coating is an feature that can be corrected in accordance with conditions and the elements to accommodate the neck region and the face.

Expect support into the neck in balance due to the sound arrangement changing this rider's attention .

Salient Features 509 Altitude Helmet Fidlock

Let us observe how this version travels round the columns to get a excellent helmet that is normal and a few of those stand out qualities to check for within this particular helmet.


The casing is composed of highquality polymers and it is produced from Polly metal with the consent of the Department of Transportation (DOT) USA along with Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). You've got nothing to be worried about this.

Now you get a vision via a arc of 105° from the mid-line that is helmet, which makes you're mindful of everything is currently happening around you.

By having projections which do not exceed 2mm and an abrasion resistant coating, you have successful. The resistance, for example, helps minimize the twisting force throughout a injury to neck and your head.


The helmet includes a breath box which helps to remove exhaled air and all of the sizzling to preserve your wearer the breathable and fresh.

It's chin skirt which may be corrected when and as potential based on environmental requirements as well as this coldness out. It averts the breeze as well as the chemicals to creep in.

The venting aids to keep the things plus in addition, it calms the goggles to fog up.

Padding and Lining

The area includes foam which holds the cushioning material to encourage their rider's mind. The eyebrow and chin pads are designed in ways it's several voids for your own skin.

The chinstrap locks using a patented Fidlock buckle system which employs a magnetic fastener for security.

With the force, you've snap and then the buckle this rendering it effortless for one to lock it with gloves. However strong the lock is attached, you should give a pull to it.

It's form healthy technology that is suitable for you the way around your cranium to of the way around your jawline.


The sunvisor is readily detachable using a system to slide it in line with this management of sunlight beams.

In general, the movability in helmets of the visor is constricted and isn't counseled to adjust. But with all the Fidlock (2018), the visor's handle is exceptionally durable and may even be manipulated with gloves.

The face protector might be transferred down and upside down into the particular level of their nose to the degree of their throat area. It is helpful to look at the breeze that is frightening to receive inside.

Alternatively of the face protector, the helmets need to placed up together with goggles. Foam and the EPS are favorable -- that the goggles fit business and tight on this helmet's padding.


  • Smooth and simple to slide visor with gloves.
  • The interface between your buckle and yields a load immunity that's certified for both ECE and DOT, also a tech exclusive to both Altitude helmet of helmets' league.
  • It's tricky to open and lock D-room while wearing gloves, however it's quite simple to utilize Fidlock.


  • The arrangement with somewhat of expansion from your back neck area to the chin area may be a problem, feeling somewhat uncomfortable initially.

Customer Reviews

The consumers are pleased with the functioning of the helmet for example all of of the features that the helmet provides.

Also the Fidlock locking system for those straps and also the chin pads are.

Though several clients believe it's not too great as some competitions, for the large part, also the openings and also the venting system perform well. The interior the helmet will not offer you. Since this was experienced by a hardly any, we can not have a strong opinion about it.

1 aspect that made every customer appeased would be the decision to allow it to be open to this marketplace at price of your ​509 Altitude Helmet.


509 Altitude Helmet - Blacklist with Fidlock (201​9) - 2XL can be just a fantastic bargain to own with the most recent of technologies related to that. It satisfies not only the facets but also ties in with the requirements at price.

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