509 Tactical Helmet – Black Ops Review

509 Tactical Helmet (Black Ops - Large)

The Tactical Helmet is among those classics which ​509 Tactical Helmet has already been producing. The helmet using an distinctive and elegant design of its never fails to impress with the pros. It's an illustration of a design wrapped up round your head. Check price here

Connected to the cost point, it's excellent, since this really is inexpensive when compared with this snowmobile helmet's average marketplace price.

The helmet does match EPS lining it's aerodynamic nature and an innovative density of this EPS foam lining. You've the very most effective crash protection online offer.

In reality, attention has been paid by ​509 Tactical Helmet into this build with a chin area which includes an original polyurethane chin insert of this helmet 

Features of this Black Ops 509 Tactical Helmet

509 Tactical Helmet (Black Ops - Large)

Where this version by ​509 Tactical Helmet stands to the parameters required to get a 19, let us analyze.


The expression of the casing and also the aesthetics are decent for your own money. The profile and also the form are comfortable and symmetrical to match.

Many folks can not enjoy the drop down slipping out of the neck area to the jaw area. It's shameful, however the quality of the texture enables it to clean simpler and quicker in an way that is hassle-free, if it's white in color.

The goggle fits on this particular helmet. It must be required to get a time although it's slightly tight with all the helmet. It mightn't be.

Is a blend of complex polymers that aid ability, durability and the strength to withstand elevated degrees of impact.

Lining and Padding

You will be given a better feel of a cushion indoors due to the softness that is terrific by the liner. The fabric resists perspiration accumulation in your skin from absorption that is efficient and also is of quality. Helmets came quite a distance in this aspect. Even with wearing for a number days it appears to put on that texture.

Get comfortable that is allowing when you are attempting to accomplish a point or doing something and it's milder than it's expected and gives your mind a little room to maneuver .

It's exceptionally required in certain scenarios, there is somewhat of room to receive your mind a little moving and comfortable indoors.

This helmet's bottom comes with a profile it rests to easily fit in a way.


The face protector will slide to safeguard the face and slip to safeguard the throat area and is currently slipping. Additionally, it protects the snow. It's removable, therefore you can simply take out it it sounds to find hot in there.

The buttons are suitable to make use of. Align them together and that you do need to consider them. They pop straight in to the invest professionally. The face protector is simple to install and just take off.


The venting was cared for very effectively in various locations with vents to enable venting.

Two ports are exploiting on the surface guard put on both sides after which we now have vents on the forehead component of this helmet keeping the air flow and maintaining your forehead trendy. At the rear of the helmet, then we've got vents to keep the venting.

The visor is permanent and is simple to slide in line with this job of light and sun rays. Within the instance of this helmet, they will have a handling system in the time although the sunvisors are not considering the fact that flexibility.

The chinstrap is reliable and strong to grip the helmet. It will not permit any motion. Additionally, it includes a adequate quantity of cushioning to never put any strain.

The breath deflectors enable exhaustion of exhaled air to help keep the interior of the helmet.


  • The incorporated front and high intake vents in addition to the back exhaust vents create for a simple ride.
  • Put in the cold-weather box to continue to keep you warm constantly.
  • The bending high centre bracket helps in avoiding some unwelcome visor movement.


  • You either love or hate the style.
  • May possibly face adjustment issues when utilizing different accessories with an helmet.

Customer Reviews

Customers are delighted with the operation.

The helmet's inner face protector impressed many -- that you do not need to be worried about the chilly breeze lurking inside from underneath this helmet's eyebrow region .

Even the jaw line design that is elongated is. Many folks discover that it's think it contributes to the firmness of this helmet and fashionable to possess. The others had a problem with that region of the plan.

They faced difficulty adjusting goggles they needed, although some said that the matching of goggles across the helmet is perfect.


509 Tactical Helmet - Black Ops - 2XL can be a remarkable choice from a perspective. Are very cheap and worth every cent. This helmet's feasibility causes the marketplace is dominated by it. Grab it and let your rate talk.

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