Hi, My name is Jose P.Winkler

Sports and outdoor activities is my life. How to say you that I love to how much sports and especially riding on the motorcycle for long journeys to be immersed in the beautiful of great humanity.

Ok we’ll talk about the purpose of this site

As you know helmets are an indispensable when you control a motorcycle. your life depend on it. It is like a friend as well as your guardian.

Fortunately, the current, there are many quality helmet brands on the market , you can choose one of them but besides the good news there is the bad news I want to tell you that is to choose a good helmet in countless helemt out there. it is a task that is not easy. As I said your life depend on it . If you can not choose the right helmet.

So i build this blog to help you how to choose the best helmet as your best protector. In this tutorial I have many buying guide, reviews as well as tips and trick of the driving motor. You can see this as a dictionary on issues related to motorcycle

Why trust me ?

As I said earlier, my life is sport and on the motor so I’ve spent a lot of time to work on their so my reviews in here totally is true and you have can trust them.

I’m not try to sell anything in this. I just suggest to you the best thing for your life and the rest is your decided. So you can rest assured completely about the objective of this blog.

Finally, thank you for visiting my blog and wish you and your family have a fun trip.

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