AGV AX-8 Grunge Dual Sport Evo Helmet Review

AGV AX-8 Dual Sport Evo Helmet

At the cover of the lineup, apex predator AGV AX-8 Grunge Evo Helmet also has came. It's a different G.I.Joe 'Cobra' vibe once you have a look at the total form and port layouts.

The AGV AX-8 DS EVO is promoted as a game helmet. It's a dirt helmet DNA, but accommodate the bottom shell towards game purposes and AGV has were able to mold it and features. Check price here.

The general appearance is somewhat confusing for people not knowledgeable about this particular type of picture while there's a whole lot happening, however it might fit well for somebody who's in house with the ripped 'n '' worn jeans fashion.The Grunge picture has a serious great deal of dull colored components and caked stickers which adhere to the name well. It's a matte finish and also the picture looks symmetrical on either side except the line at which it's a black Mohawk encouraged by 2 accent lines that are continuous on each side.

The helmet is DOT and ECE 22.05 ranked, and that means it's possible to wear this at the EU zone in addition to US and Canada.

It is possible to truly feel that the additional attention directed at the particular helmet from its own manufacturer, not in a few features which will just feel like, but also in the quality.

1 particular feature is that the rubber cushioning in the base of the chin shield. In the instance of a crash your mind wrapped in an position that directed one's sternum's eyebrow protect impact, this rubberized padding prevent you and can absorb a number of this injury.

The Top Features to Look Out For

Here is the breakdown.


The AGV AX-8 EVO is manufactured from Tri-Composite material (fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon). It weighs about 3 pounds. 4 oz., that is certainly lighter compared to helmets around there.

The fit is oblong, so that a lot of you are going to have the ability to plop this in your own melon. Nevertheless, cheek pads and the fit signify you may need to order 1 size larger than the face.
3 shell sizes have been provided by AGV . The benefit is that this is considered by some evaluation agencies as far as safety is concerned.


Moving by the AGV AX-8 EVO, the DS comes with a visor platform that was absent from the prior, what about it having all and a dirt helmet.

A flat face guard made from material that was strong plus it will its own work fine. Even the visor bracket system looks a little complicated and also the removal may be a nuisance for men and women who're accustomed which other helmets have keeping.

However, the visor is correct, and it is distortion for you and also has wide field of opinion.


A chin is vent in the place of a shield, which shut and is opened. That really is your air compressor. There is A nose shield included, which functions like a breath deflector to block your breath from fogging the visor.

2 chimney and two eyebrow vents vents encourage venting supporting the end for air leak, with way of a larger port in the very best.

The summit is removable and can be inserted on each side onto the helmet with the assistance of aluminum screws.

The exhausts at the back are retained in precisely the exact same spot since the AGV AX-8 dirt that was first and also therefore are in sucking the moist and warm air from the helmet effective.

The IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) is exactly what sets this helmet along with its own dirt counter-part apart from the others. There are two ridges on top. All these are built. This bevel joins throughout the joint for the Venturi exhausts.

Padding and Lining

Fabric is of make that's received a generous 'sanitized' treatment. Both the lining and cheek pads may be removed and washed with no issues.

Comfort lining and cheek pads are improved increasing their depth to create the helmet fit see your face and by design them.

The comfortable lining has placed mesh areas that ease the airflow and feels solid.

Customer Reviews

Nitpickers exist. When travelling at rates inside this helmet, they've been able to get out that the summit captures some unwanted breeze and vibrates a great deal. There's also the dilemma of air leak and wind noise, however it's nothing as if you're getting to become pessimistic at the degree. The others complained about the procedure of substituting the suspicious abilities that were anti-fogging in addition to the visor.

Important Thing

There are reports of botched-up models sent without Q and A, although it's a helmet. Before diving in due of its appearances, better read up.

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