Arai VX-PRO4 Bogle Orange Frost Offroad Motorcycle Helmet Review

Arai VX-PRO4 Bogle Orange Frost Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

The VX Pro4 comes following a very long hiatus from the preceding VX PRO3. They listened to the topics looked after every thing from the version and described with their own clients. Moreover, this re design contrasts with DOT and SNELL evaluations. Check price here.

The plan consists of how the way, in addition to improvements in the lines. It includes more of a design that divides out if a consequence as opposed to affecting your own chin and breaking up . That is with all the design.

A appropriate form to install the goggle, although the helmet profile is more lively with crease lines along with protrusions. Poly-urethane that is additional supports on a person's attention interface that maintain them and also port together with your straps

The Qualities to Be Aware of

A whole lot of redesigns and improvements exist within this upgrade within the kind of attributes, and which we'll see.


The casing is made out of a tech known as as cLc or even Complex Laminate Construction. It is made up of 3 layers with inner and an outer being laminate and also a special fiber 'mat' material sandwiched among. The foundation is ceramic that's pretty standard nowadays, however, you can imagine much more costly and different compounds. The fiber 'mat' enhances the strength and rigidity of their outer and inner layers and also result.

Only at 3 pounds. 7 oz., such as the moderate, that really is thicker compared to the VX PRO3, however, the additional weight is warranted due to the distinctive laminate structure to extra safety.

The model of the helmet is oblong, that's the model of a skull at a person, with a few exceptions. Still, that this fact has been believed by Arai and added a little more room at the temple room to the odd ball and given 5 sizes to select from.


The summit is more and wider with a level of 5 millimeters . The artists have taken good care to darken the bottom of this summit from hitting your eyes to avoid beams.

When compared to this VX PRO3, the summit with this lid has than you'd purchase. However, this is a design by goal. It enables for uninterrupted growth in blazing speeds whenever you're mixing this up.

It's installed on the helmet using also a setscrew and urethane bolts to regulate the position. The summit shears off in the event there is a header from the dirt as it's plastic.

The attention interface feels somewhat smaller compared to the Arai VX Pro 3, but it needs to be sufficient to match your own goggles.


Three groove vents that are in the kind of protrusions lie to your chin shield. These allow compared to its predecessors that had the vents.

The chimney vents are all right beneath the summit with switches that have been built can be seen with hands on.

The venting is passive. The folks at Arai have included a supplementary vent in the centre to generate the exhaust vents 6. They lie thread and will be removed.

A top notch exhausts include on each side that boost the effect, as opposed.

The EPS includes 10mm port holes drilled in many things, effective in dismissing plenty of atmosphere in the own scalp and hair (if there is any left).

Padding and Lining

The liner listed here is out of Dry-Cool. The comfortable lining and also the cheek pads are both washable and removable. The neck roll might be removed. It wasn't possible within the last version due to the construction that is peculiar. The Dry-Cool lining has especially inserted potable water cells that quicken the warmth and moisture move in scalp and skin into the airflow between the EPS.

The cheek pads and comfort liner fit snug. The emergency Ink pad removal process is most certainly the simplest variant of itself 4. Each cheek mat features a small pull label which the crisis medic should pull. And the mat comes off. Effective whenever you're pumped out without twisting your mind to remove.

Customer Reviews

Every one of those clients who bought this specific thing's reviews leaned towards assessing it perfect. Some problems that were matching a side, perhaps not one criticism was enrolled prior to today.

That is how good they have been in Arai.

Important Thing

Due to the fact this really is a superior helmet out of Arai, you'd expect nothing less in regard to safety and relaxation which shows in the building with the lid.

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