New ATV Battery – 5 The Best Batteries 2018 For Your ATV

Best ATV Battery

Well, if you own an ATV, this is a must that you will need to look for a battery eventually. Market research will tell you that, there are plenty of options that you can actually go through and choose from. But, if you think it straight, buying the Best ATV Battery will take some finding and also you will need to know which one to choose rather than choosing a random one.


​Normally, your ATV won’t be requiring much power, so your concern is not the power capacity of the battery, rather than that, you will need to think about the vibration and the heat generated by the ATV engine. If your battery can survive that, it is good enough really. also, according to the size of your ATV, you will need to choose the battery because unless the battery fits properly, it is not going to actually work properly.

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Maintaining The ATV Battery


Even though you buy the Best ATV Battery you will still need to maintain your battery properly. Unless you take good care of your battery, it will not last long and will fail you at the time of need.

Charging it

​You need to use a battery charger or may be a maintainer to keep it charged all the time. If you use the maintainer, your battery will surely stay away from any kind of sulphation that may build up. It may also help to get rid of the sulphation that is already present in the battery.

Keep the battery in good shape

​Keeping the battery in a good shape will require quite a bit of knowledge about the battery. Getting the Best ATV Battery does not end your work really. You will need to be aware about the fluid level and the water level as well. Also protecting the terminals from any kind of harm while you are not using them is a necessity. This can for sure keep your battery in a good shape to work.

Maintain temperature

​Remember not to expose your ATV battery into low temperatures. This is because of the fact that the low temperature might cause it to get cracked. The best way to keep the battery alive is to keep it with the charger or a maintainer. This will keep the battery safe and your battery won’t get a freeze.

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​Advantages of using the Best ATV Battery

charge ATV battery motocycle

​Well, lead acid batteries are old now. Now a days the ATV batteries are made of lithium ion and this is what gives you the most important benefit. If you have high-quality gadgets, it is necessary that you use the ATV batteries. These batteries are small in size, so the electrolytes stay together and compact and that is what keeps the batteries safe from any kind of vibration. Also it causes your battery to have a longer life and more dependability as well. In an ATV, this kind of battery will save some space for sure and will work fine.

​These batteries are maintenance free as because are dry type batteries. So, you can keep it in any sort of angle without any sort of problem at all.

Also, these batteries will recharge very fast but will discharge very slowly compared to the other batteries. So, if you do not wish to change your batteries a lot, then the lithium ion batteries will be the Best ATV Battery that you can choose.

Why Choose These Batteries?​

1) Lithium Batteries are Safer

2) Long lasting batteries

3) Charges a lot faster

4) Lithium Batteries are eco-friendly

5) More Efficient

​Top 5 Best Batteries Reviews For Your ATV

1. YUASA YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Battery


  • This battery is well known for the power, less discharge capability and longer life time compared to the other batteries.
  • The design of the battery is such that no fluid can actually come out of it. Also it can go through any kind of vibration and pressure and it won’t leak at all.
  • The acid inside is absorbed in the AGM separators and the special plates.
  • Dimension: 6” X 3 7/16” X 5 3/4”
  • Comes with the 1-year warranty
  • The batteries won’t be charged when you buy them, you will need to charge them before you use.
  • Acid pack is included in the package.
  • If you have used the acid, then you cannot return the battery any more.


  • The battery does not leak at all no matter what is the angle of the battery is.
  • It has passed the vibration and shock test
  • The discharge rate is really low
  • No gas discharges at all while you are charging the battery.
  • Don’t have to think about the maintenance at all. Once the battery is ready to use you just need to charge it and nothing more than that.
  • There is no chance of dry corrosion, as the electrolytes are well distributed.

2. ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery


  • These are lead-acid batteries but they are highly trusted and safe batteries.
  • Terminal style: F1
  • Voltage: 12 V and 7 Amp power supply.
  • Container totally sealed for safety.
  • The battery case if highly impact resistant and the material used is ABS plastic which is non-conductive too. The battery is strongly resistant to any kind of vibration, shock or chemical reaction. It can even protect your bike from heat.
  • The Acid of the battery is absorbed in the special plates and that gives the battery a special edge over the other batteries. The design is spill proof and you can use the battery in any condition and on any vehicle without any kind of trouble at all.
  • You can use it easily and you do not need to waste time for the maintenance. This battery even though is a lead acid one, gives the performance of a lithium-ion battery for sure.


  • The battery life is unusually long
  • Very easy to use
  • No need to maintenance at all
  • The battery is resistant to heat, shock, and vibration.
  • You do not need to change the acid every now and then
  • No leak design is the best highlight of this battery
  • You get more than what you pay for

3. Shorai LFX36L3-BS12 Extreme Rate Lithium Iron Powersports Battery


  • The battery can hold its charge for a long year and you do not even need to maintain it.
  • The weight is not much and it is almost 1/5th in weight compared to any lead acid battery
  • It can last quite long compared to the lead acid batteries
  • It can really replace your OEM batteries.
  • The battery case is made of Carbon Fiber
  • The recharging is very fast and does not discharge that quickly
  • No gas leak during charging and no lead or acid will come out of the package
  • The battery is really eco-friendly


  • No leak design
  • Longer battery life.
  • Quickly recharges
  • Battery case is heat resistant and vibration resistant


  • There is no such negative point pointed out yet by the users who have bought this and have used this.

4. Big Crank ETX30L Battery


  • Completely sealed, vibration proof design
  • Eco-friendly and you can recycle them completely
  • You get brass spacers so that you can mount them sidewise.
  • The battery power is good: 12V and 30 AH
  • Comes with a Warranty of 3 years


  • Ideal for the ATV and motor bikes
  • No acid spill design and the terminals are well protected
  • Can hold the charge for longer time, of course if you do not use
  • No need of regular maintenance


  • If you keep this in cold condition the charge will deplete quickly.
  • If you compare with the other batteries, the CCA rating is quite low.
5. Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery


  • The service life of this battery is almost 3 – 10 years of time. So you can save time and money for sure.
  • The cycle life is also 70% longer than the other batteries.
  • You can keep the battery in an open circuit and yet it will be require no charge for 2 years at least.
  • The recharging is really fast. It takes only 4 – 6 hours to charge.
  • You can use the battery in any angle and any position you want. There is no issue with the fluid spilling out.
  • The battery is completely resistant to vibration and heat. It also can give you protection from shock as well.
  • The temperature tolerance is also good. It can work fine in the 45 degrees to -40 degree of temperature.
  • No need to maintain your battery with a lot of headaches. No acid or fluid leak or no gas discharge while charging.
  • No harmful chemical is used in the battery. So, it is not only eco-friendly but also it is safe to use for you too.


  • The Best ATVBattery that you can get.
  • It can charge very fast and it can hold the charge for quite long.
  • It may not fit your smaller sized bikes but you can use it in any angle.
  • The size is small enough to use in the ATVs.
  • Perfect battery for longer tours and it does not take much time to recharge as well.


  • It can provide you low power when used in the cold temperature


​So, now that you know the importance of the ATV batteries, and tips on buying them, you can buy them yourself. But as you can see, the batteries that you can choose from are a huge number, but you can always sort your list depending on your requirement. Also, the features of individual batteries will matter a lot. So, whatever you do, just remember one or two things very minutely.

choosing the best ATV battery

Even though lithium batteries are popular as ATV batteries, but choosing the Best ATV Battery is always important and even if the best one is a lead acid one, you should choose that one only.

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