Find The Best Dirt Bike & Motocross Helmets – The Ultimate Guide

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Do you love to enjoy the thrill of riding the dirt bikes? It surely a fun activity and when you are enthusiastic enough to ride a dirt bike to be a champ, you need to stay safe. Cleanliness is definitely not a matter of concern when you are playing a “Dirt” game specifically.

But safety and easy usage comes could be considered as two of the most important things that should be kept in mind for sure. So, when you are buying your safety gear to ride your dirt bike, buying the best dirt bike helmets should be your first priority. But it is not as easy as it seems to be, and you must be looking for the most appropriate helmet that gives you an easy and safe ride and also helps in maintaining the cleanliness after its use.

​How To Choose The Best Dirt Bike Helmets?

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​Dirt bike helmets for the game are probably the most important gear. This is more of a technical thing to do, rather than doing a cosmetic analysis of a product. The following points would help you in choosing the most apt dirt bike helmet for you:

  • ​Determine your expertise level – First consideration is to determine that, whether you are a beginner or an expert dirt biker. If you are a beginner then the high-end products stuffed with top-notch features might not be that suitable for you. Further, the price of such products would be high as well. For beginners, a basic helmet with limited features would be fine, both, economically and from the usability aspect.
  • Replacement or an upgrade? – It is ideal to replace a well-used helmet and even a damaged one. If the sport has become a bit more than just a hobby, then an upgrade is unavoidable.
  • Features to look for – The following features are to be checked for sure: while buying such a helmet:​
  • Construction – This is a critical feature due to safety and comfort of the rider. The majority of the helmets you will find are made from a fiberglass composite, polycarbonate and carbon fiber etc.
  • Weight – The typical weight range for such helmets I 1400 – 1800 grams. The suitability of the weight depends that, a particular helmet fits well over the head of the rider. Further, the weight should also be distributed over the head of the rider in a very evenly manner.
  • Styling – Cosmetics are important too where the wild graphics ones are the most preferable. If that’s not your type then there is also the option of the subtle helmets with many plain looks. It should be noted that the ones with graphics are more costly.
  • Budget – Determine your budget and you can find a very basic one for a few bucks and the top of the line products could cost several hundred $$$.

​What Is The Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet?

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Women’s off-road or the dirt bike gear are as good as men, and they come with sophisticated features, which are designed while keeping women’s safety and comfort in mind. They differ in some features from men’s and kid’s helmets and those differences can be seen as follows:

  • The difference from a men’s dirt bike helmet – Men wearing a women’s helmet or vice versa would have more of the ego problems, rather than anything else. It is because the women’s helmet tends to be much brighter in color as compared to men. Otherwise, size and shape really don't differ a lot, and neither does the weight. In simple terms, the head is always a head and there really cannot be many differences at least amongst the men’s and women’s helmet. There is also a myth that the women heads are much rounder as compared to men and that’s why there are some helmets in much rounder shape. However, the truth is that the companies do produce helmets in different, but that is regardless of gender. A lead in this regard would be to consider the ‘Unisex’ help which would neutralize any paint job differences in the helmets as well.
  • The difference from a kid’s dirt bike helmetKids helmets as compared to women are different due to some obvious reasons. First, it is the size that differs the most as kids, usually, finds their helmets in smaller sizes as compared to women. The women’s helmets are much heavier than the kids and they usually weigh around 1500 grams on average. Finally, the women’s helmets color theme is much womanish, where the kids find their fancy helmets with graphics of the popular things belonging to their age groups, whereas women’s helmet as discussed above are much according to their likes and preferences.

​What Is The Youth Dirt Bike Helmet, Which Things Are Important?

​Youth are considered as the most enthusiastic and the most energetic lot that is interested in sport and fun related activities. Some of the extreme sports like dirt bikes have a lot of participation from the youth where the safety precautions are a lot important because of the injury risk associated. The helmet is the most important gear for the youth which not only provides protection but has also becomes a symbol of style and elegance amongst the mentioned group of people. The following points would elaborate that what a youth dirt bike would look like:

  • Safety Concerns – Safety is the most important concern for youth while riding a dirt bike and the helmet is the most pivotal gear that protects them from any injury. An ideal helmet for youth should be exceeding the expectations set by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and the ECE22.02 which is set by the UN Economic Commission for Europe. It is also advised from the safety perspective that the youth off road helmets should be the new buys, rather than getting a used one from a friend or a relative.
  • Style – This is also one of the most crucial aspects, especially from the youth perspective. They prefer buying helmets having exceptional graphics and color scheme based on a particular theme or that could be a general one as well. Girls and boys helmet usually are the same with the only possible difference of the colors.
  •   Features – Some prominent features to look for:
  • Size – Helmets could be found in small, medium, large and X-large sizes in general.
  • Weight – Weight on average for a youth helmet could be around 1000 to 1500 grams.
  • Helmet liners – Liners ideally should be removable for washing purposes.
  • Air vents – They are required for proper airflow while the helmet is on.

What Is The Kid’s Dirt Bike Helmet?

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A kid’s dirt bike helmet is almost the same as an adult’s helmet, only smaller. This small size leads to some other factors which are worth considering. Small size means that they would also be lighter in size and then, they would also cost less as compared to an adult helmet. In order to find out that how a youth or a kid’s dirt bike helmet looks like, the following points should be considered:

  • Full-face helmet – The kid's helmet for the game is to be the full-face helmets, which the game demands them to be wearing it all the time while they are on their dirt bikes on the field. Sides of the head and the chin are very well protected while wearing a full-face helmet.Full-face helmet – The kid's helmet for the game is to be the full-face helmets, which the game demands them to be wearing it all the time while they are on their dirt bikes on the field. Sides of the head and the chin are very well protected while wearing a full-face helmet.
  • Construction – The off-road bikes for youth are usually made from polycarbonate material and this one is also considered to be the best option for kids.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation provision through the helmet is important and one should consider the ‘exhaust’ and ‘intake’ vents for the most optimum airflow. It should be noted here that intake vents are more in number as compared to the exhaust vents inside a helmet.
  • Safety measures and certifications – Safety is critical for kids or any other person for that matter while riding a dirt bike. The quality and the preferred helmets available today are certified from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). For the European side, the safe helmets for riding dirt bike are certified from the UN Economic Commission for Europe having the ECE22.02 certification. Any top quality off road helmet that meets both the safety and quality standards that your kid deserve, then that should be exceeding the helmet safety standards that are set by both the US and European bodies for the safety of such helmets for kids.
  • Size – Kids helmets vary in sizes and different age groups have different sizes that would fit well over their head. A helmet should be chosen that fits well over the head of the kid. A loose helmet on the track could be very dangerous for the safety of the kid.

​Additional Features And Accessories You Can Find Easily In The Market For Helmets

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​Dirt bike riding is quite a fun thing and one of its aspects is the gear that excites the rider. Helmets for either men, women, youth or kids are the most popular gear which at first place satisfies the safety concerns and then, it also adds to the charm and glamor of the rider. There are plenty of mesmerizing accessories that could be considered to complement the completeness of your head gear. The following are some helmet accessories that you could consider to purchase:

  • Windshield – Windshield is used to wear underneath the helmet, where its main purpose is to add to the safety and comfort of your helmet from the wind, and on top of that, the windshield helps protect the rider from cold weather. The best ones found in the market are breathable and water repellent as well.
  • Beanie – It is a small size, close-fitting cap which protects your head from the cold while riding a dirt bike. It also helps against sweat, as they are designed to absorb it. One size fits all for the beanie.
  • Beanie – It is a small size, close-fitting cap which protects your head from the cold while riding a dirt bike. It also helps against sweat, as they are designed to absorb it. One size fits all for the beanie.
  • Helmet Bags – The helmet bags protects your helmet when they are not in use or while you are on the move with your helmet. There are plenty of stylish bags available in the market which are aptly designed to cater the helmet carrying needs with ease.
  • Helmet Cameras – The dirt bike riders also have the option to install a camera on top of their helmet, which will record the entire ride that one had over the dirt bike. The cameras are available with multiple options which could be considered based upon your needs and budget.
  • Communication devices – Communication devices could be a heavy investment but very useful for the professional riders especially. They are usually 2-way communication devices where the rider communicates with his coach/ mentor while riding.​

​Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Dirt Bike Helmets

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​Buying process of a dirt bike helmet is a very sophisticated process as a number of factors are involved while making the purchase. Things are changing with time and new technology and innovations are also coming in. Therefore, one needs to be fully updated and well aware about the latest trends and features that a modern dirt bike helmet should have. The following are the points that you must consider while buying such a helmet:

  • ​No second-hand stuff – Always prefer to buy a new dirt bike helmet as most of the people with a second-hand helmet tends to compromise with the safety features and the maintenance issues.
  • Eye ports – The eye ports of the helmet should be wide enough, which ideally would not limit your vision, especially sideways by any means. If you prefer to wear glasses then make sure that the glasses could pass through the opening easily.
  • Safety standards – A safe dirt bike helmet should meet the safety requirements set by DOT, SNELL or ECE22.02. You may also find a helmet with a combination of any of the 3 types mentioned here.
  • Budget – The helmets of such kind could be expensive and you need to shop wisely here. The decision could be made by determining your expertise level. The beginner helmets with limited features are inexpensive and the professional ones with multiple features are usually costly.
  • Weight – The rule of thumb in the matter of weight is that the lighter the helmet, the better it would be in terms of comfort of the rider.
  • Adjustable features – The cheek pads of the helmet are an important part and if they are adjustable, then the rider could have customized comfort.
  • ​Removable features – The liners of the helmet are preferred always to be removable. If they are removable then they could be washed easily, as and when required.​​​

Our Picks Best Dirt Bike And Motocross Helmet Reviews

Arai Tip VX-Pro4 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Arai VX-Pro 4 Spike Yellow Motocross Helmet

For the dirt bike helmets, there has to be enough room for your head to stay safe and easy and some of the features that are crucial to being there for the dirt bike riders may include certain aspects that might be absent in regular helmets. This Arai Tip off-road helmet has to offer some of the features that actually cater to the needs of the dirt bike riders.

In addition to the color and design of the helmet that matches the thrilling action of the dirt bike ride, this helmet has some special features to offer the users who need to protect themselves while they are on their go to a dirt filled road.

​Design and shape

​The peak area is 14 mm long and 5mm wider as compared to the previous model of the helmet giving it more a more protective shape and keep you away from the thrusting and flying debris while you are rushing through the dirt road.​

​Materials and durability

The helmet consists of a super fiber made with laminate construction giving the shell a strong finish that forms a round and smooth cover for the complete head protection.

​The ventilation system

​The chin bar has a stainless steel grill that is washable and easy to remove so if it gets lots of dirt on it, you just need to wash it and put it back for next addition to this, the air through a system that is there on the top side in front vent and at the rear vent also covers the side air ducts and keep the air flow going through it all the time. The whole system is very easy to clean and can be maintained without any issues.

​Additional features

​The goggle strap help in locating the goggles whereas the Neckroll is removable and easy to clean. The rescue system offers an emergency release cheek pad with an easy to access release tab so that it can be used quickly when needed.

​Standardized features

​The helmet meets and also exceed most of the Snel and the DOT testing standards and proves to one of the highest quality helmets.


  • ​Very safe and easy to use
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Air-through ventilation system keeps it cool
  • The chin bar comes with stainless steel grill that is removable, replaceable and washable
  • Enough peak to keep the dirt away

Bell Moto-9 Unisex-Adult Off Road Helmet

Bell Moto-9 Flex Off Road Motorcycle Helmet

A lightweight, durable and resistant helmet is no doubt the choice of most of the dirt bike riders. It is, therefore, one of the priorities of the dirt bike riders that they need a safety helmet which is not a hassle to handle. In addition to it, having a perfect design for the riders also matters a lot. This one is specially designed to keep the rider safe from getting dirt on the face and also helps in maintaining a good safety level no matter how rough the rider has to ride on the bike, the helmet comes with all safety features in a convenient way.

​The design and construction

This helmet is made of lightweight and durable carbon composite shell that is complimented with the flex energy liner on the inner side. The both inner and out parts of the helmet ensure that the helmet keeps the head safe from possible bumps and shocks with no hazards done to the rider at all.

​The ventilation

​The ventilation system of the helmet is perfectly designed that features the velocity flow process to ensure the air flows well into the helmet and keep the wearer cool and dry. The flying bridge has air intake vents for better circulation. The chin bar is also very well ventilated.

​The ventilation system

​The chin bar has a stainless steel grill that is washable and easy to remove so if it gets lots of dirt on it, you just need to wash it and put it back for next addition to this, the air through a system that is there on the top side in front vent and at the rear vent also covers the side air ducts and keep the air flow going through it all the time. The whole system is very easy to clean and can be maintained without any issues.

​The emergency setup

​There are a special magnefusion removal system cheek pads that work best for the sake of keeping the wearer safe from possible issues.

​Easy cleaning

​The inner liner is removable and washable so when you are back from your dirty ride, just pick it out wash and reset again for next use.

​Comfort and usage

This helmet has an easy to adjust screw system and integrated roost guard that is vented in a perfect manner. The chin strap is padded and has a D like ring closure system for a quick snug fit and easy closure of the helmet.

The best thing is that you get a five years warranty with this fabulous helmet of yours. It also complies with the SNELL, DOT, ECE and AS CERTIFICATION standards.


  • ​The helmet is well-designed with durable and resistant cover.
  • It covers the forehead area with sufficient shades and gives enough protection against dirt and debris that are rushed through the front side when participating in a dirt race.
  • The removable inner lining is washable and that gives an easy way to keep your helmet clean and tidy.
  • Proper venting and comfortable padding gives a luxurious feel

6D Hornet Graphic Men's ATR-1 F18 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

6D Hornet Graphic Men's ATR-1 F18 MotoX Motorcycle Helmet

For a super support system for the dirt bike riders, 6D Hornet helmets have landed on the market with unique 6-dimensional designs for maximum shock proof and safety. There are many features that impress the owner of this helmet and which are discussed below:

​The design and construction

This one is made to match a 6D design so that the rider stays easy and safe when riding on the dirt bike during the dirt race. The shell is made with the aerospace carbon fiber and the composite materials including the glass and Kevlar. The high-end design and the advanced material format makes it a durable helmet that keeps the rider away from getting hurt no matter ruthless the rider has to drive.​

​The ventilation

​The helmet uses Air-Gap technology that creates and excellent ventilation system for keeping the wearer away from sweat and odors. The rear end vent removes the air due to the creation of a low pressure.

​Maintenance and use

​It has a washable and removable inner lining so there would be no issues in maintaining the helmet for a long time. It also has the genuine anti-bacterial fabric known as CoolMax to keep the fabric fresh and the wearer stays fresh as well.

​The weight and size

​It fits snug when bought in the right size. Whereas the Clavicle Cut-Away makes sure that the mass and the weight of the helmet is the least. But this does not compromise on the strength and overall features of the helmet.

​Safety and security

The helmet features enough safety measures while having a strong and resistant cover, it also features the sternum pad for chin jaw and cheek protection and the emergency cheek pads for quick release in emergency situations.

Further, the stainless steel screens protect the shell opening and the visor screws are there as well. The helmet comes with a helmet bag and offers a 3-year limited warranty while exceeding the DOT and ECE standards as well.​


  • ​It offers a 6d structure for better impact resistance and safety of the user
  • The clavicle cuts offer a unique design for lowered weight and increased the durability of the helmet.
  • The antibacterial CoolMax fabric keeps the moisture and the bacteria away from getting accumulated inside the helmet.
  • Sufficient padding and chin jaw and cheek protection make this a helmet that exceeds top level certification standards including Smell, DOT, and ECE.

​Troy Lee Designs Factory Adult SE4

Troy Lee Designs Factory Adult SE4 Carbon Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

The Troy Lee designs feature carbon factory dirt bike helmet that comes with MIPS that has an incorporated rotational protection and also offers 13 percent more EPS to make sure the head safety is not compromised.

​Safety and protection

The motocross Helmet comes having the MIPS, and that incorporate the rotational protection with 13 percent more EPS for better head safety. So, the MIPS assures the head stays safe. The carbon and Kevlar materials in the composite format provide a strong shell construction whereas the 3 EPS helmet inserts offer low as well as high-speed resistant density variations. In addition to that, the helmet offers the cheek pads having an emergency system for quick and efficient release.​

​The ventilation system

​It has 21 venting ports to create a continuous air channel to keep the head cool and fresh and keeps the hot air away from hitting the head directly.

​The maintenance

The inserts in the helmet are removable and washable and also come with CoolMax as well as Dri Lex system for moisture control.

Further, the SE4 comes with a plush helmet bag. It also includes two visors, lightweight D rings and brass made inserts to break the impact easily. It exceeds the Snell, DOT, ECE and many certifications that ensure quality and safety with proper designs and supportive structure.


  • ​Strong and resistant cover keep the head safe.
  • The helmet comes with a DriLex system and Cool Max inner for keeping the head easy and dry.
  • The 21 venting ports keep the air flowing and make sure you stay moisture free all the time.

​Shoei Grant 3 VFX-EVO Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Grant 3 VFX-EVO Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

​The Shoei Motocross helmet features the shell design that is lightweight, durable and is impact resistant in many ways. It has got a reasonable peak for dirt protection and also offer snug fit interior for maximum comfort and safety and a well-ventilated system that is perfect to support the dirt bike rider.

​The design and construction

The advanced integrated matrix structure features high-quality fibers and organic fibers as well to offer a shell form that is light in weight and also creates a strong and resistant cover to provide safety and protection and dirt bike rider needs.​

​The ventilation system

​Their overall ventilation system consists of aerodynamic setup having a wind tunnel and the consistent air flow to keep the inner cool enough to keep the moisture away. The front intake tunnels combine with the back venting tunnels to keep the air flowing continuously and keep the head cool and dry.

​Maintenance and use

​The Max Dry liner are removable and are capable of absorbing the moisture and can be cleaned easily after use.

Comfort and fitting

​It comes with the variable sizes of shell and inserts to offer a high-quality snug fit and a well molded interior to provide a comfortable and customizable interior to match the needs of the wearer. The Max Dry insert helps in keeping the interior dry and comfortable. In addition to that, the emergency release setup provides a special tab that is there under the cheek pads making it easily removable and replaceable according to the individual needs. Also, the sleek finished visor offers easy adjustment and removal.


  • ​Lightweight and durable cover for better protection and easy use.
  • The aerodynamic ventilation system keeps flowing a continuous channel of air for better ventilation.
  • The Max Dry removable inserts also are easy to maintain and clean when needed.
  • It offers a snug fit inner with sufficient comfort and ease of use.

Dirt Bike Helmet Maintenance Issues And Tips

The dirt bike helmets can many maintenance issues and those could be the damaging of the helmet’s skull and/ or the visor mainly. The inside of the helmet also shows sign of wear and tear, especially due to the sweating and improper maintenance. A number of things could be done by the user in order to ensure that your helmet stays in the best possible condition for years to come. The following are some tips to help you in this regard:

  • Wear skull cap – Skullcap must always be wearing underneath the helmet. It acts as the first line of defense for the safety of your helmet. A bandana, just like skull cap would also suffice in such needs.
  • Wax – Automotive wax should be applied over the shell of the helmet. It protects your helmet and greatly assists with its future cleaning as well as it prevents any dust to get stuck in the helmet’s shell. You should also note here that the wax must only be used with the gloss type helmets.
  • Wipes – A pack of cleaning wipes must always be carried inside your helmet bag. As a good practice, you should wipe off your helmet with a cleaning wipe after every use.
  • Visor protection – Visor in terms of maintenance is very delicate. It is advised not to scrub the visor of the helmet ever. It is because the act of scrubbing such part of the helmet would put irreversible scratches over it. This would not only make your helmet look bad but it would also affect your vision while riding a dirt bike with your helmet on.
  • Airing your helmet – Never put your helmet straight inside the bag after use as in that case, it would accumulate an unpleasant odor. Try to air it by placing it in open space for some time before you pack it in a bag.


In general when a dirt bike rider has to look for the best dirt bike helmets they have many things in their mind. The first thing that is important is the overall structure and the design and the main materials with which the helmet is made of. today’s most needed helmet is made of carbon Kevlar composite structure that offers complete safety and protection against the pressure and dirt to which the riders are exposed to.

In the list of best dirt bike helmets that we have listed here, most of them match the needs of the dirt bike users that include moisture free inner with a proper ventilation system, cheek and forehead protection, well-designed chin guard and front protection and the removable as well as comfortable helmet liners.

All these qualities are there in the selected items we have sorted here. But among all these, we can say that the Bell Moto-9 Off Road Helmet is the best of its kind that offers, high-quality safety, comfortable inner and easy maintenance as well.

Other helmets also have their own unique features and you can surely have a look onto them to compare the features and get the one that suits you to protect you from dirt and damages and let you enjoy the sport in a daring way!​

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