What Is The Best Motorcycle Chain On The Market?: Top 5 Best Choice For You

A motorcycle definitely is a quick action ride for those who need an action packed to travel to any place where they need to go. Regardless of the fact that, wear and tear and also damages occur off and on, on the various parts of the motorcycles, no matter how much good quality components have been used in it or not.

 motorcycle chain

If we can see, there are some parts which have more pressure as compared to other and one of them is the Motorcycle chain.

​It is imperative that you need the best motorcycle chain that should be durable, smooth and reliable with least friction issues. Having this, you will definitely be able to run your bike smoothly.

​What Is A Motorcycle Chain?

motorcycle chain

​​Though it is simple as everyone knows what a motorcycle chain is, but we can define it in a few simple words “it is the chain specially designed to run the bike with the power transferred to the engine to spin the wheels smoothly". A motorcycle chain is made of a strong metal that ensures a strong and steady grip while moving. It should be kept in mind that when you need to select the best motorcycle chain, you need to look for a few things that make it good for your bike.

​Things To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Chain

​Some of the most important things that contribute to the decision when choosing a quality motorcycle chain are discussed below:

good motorcycle chain

The Type of Chain You Need

​​The first thing that is important to know about the chain that would be best for your motorcycle is the type of chain you need. mainly there are three major categories of chain on the basis of the structure and the basic design on which the chain is built. So if we look into them the main types are:

  • ​O-ring chain
  • X-ring chain
  • No O-ring chain

​​In these types of chains, the O-ring chain and the X-ring chains are used in vehicles and the no O-ring chain is not used instead they used in light weight machines and in places where there is lesser pressure on it.

​The O-ring chain has an O-shaped connector providing lesser friction, greater smoothness and better durability that is why these chains can be used in motorbikes. The x-ring chains are better than the O-ring chains as they can retain more lubricant, provides less friction and gives a strong structure that is suitable for motorcycles and heavy duty transportations as well.​

​Strength of the Metal

Strength of the Metal

​The strength of the metal is also very important and you should see the purity of aluminum or the alloy metals used in making the chain as well as the heat treatment is given to the chain to make sure that the chain has the high strength capacity to ensure reliable drive.

​For Which Kind Of Vehicle You Need It For

​The type of motorcycle you have also needed to be considered in choosing the right kind of chain because the sprockets need to be matched as well as you should see the engine capacity as well.

​The Price

​​Price doesn’t matter for those who need quality and reliability both in the product they buy. Still, you may compare some of your shortlisted products to get the most competitive and high-quality products.

​The Brand or Authentic Manufacturer

​It should be made sure that when you buy a motorcycle chain, you should know if it has been manufactured by following all quality and safety standards by the top rated manufacturer and is the genuine product for sure.

Maintenance Tips For Your Motorcycle Chain

top Motorcycle Chain

To make sure that your motorcycle chain would not be damaged quickly, you need to maintain it properly. After you have selected the right kind of chain according to your motorcycle, you may have to look after it carefully on a regular basis.

Proper greasing and regular checkup are necessary whereas if you can do, make sure that you should replace the chain if it cannot carry on with the pressure or weight on it.

Top 5 The Best Motorcycle Chain Reviews For You

 RK Racing Chain GB5​20XSO-120 120-Links Gold X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

RK Racing Chain GB5​20XSO-120 120-Links Gold X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

This one is the RK racing chain ensuring high-quality performance and sturdy links to provide a smooth and reliable structure for heavy duty roller movement. It comes with the x-ring structure and gives friction free movement for better operation and long lasting performance.

In addition to that, the x ring provides well-sustained lubrication compartments and sealing points that makes it capable of supporting 8,500 lbs per ft tensile strength to the chain that allows heavy duty functioning without getting damaged.

Renthal 520 RR4 SRS Road Race Chain - 120 Links

Renthal 520 RR4 SRS Road Race Chain - 120 Links

Renthal being concerned with the durability and convenience of the motorcycle chain, this sealed ring motorcycle chain is very light in weight and is being designed for use in racing bikes.

The self-regulating seal featured in this Renthal road race chain lasts for longer use and the seal ring is pre-loaded to introduce a ring like an effect for maximum durability and assured performance. It does not use the traditional X or O-ring chain structure rather the SRS ring chain keeps the wear and tear issues apart and makes it last longer and better. The closed and sealed structure also helps in resisting the dust and dirt accumulation for better and smoother functionality.

Renthal C294 R3-2 O-Ring 520-Pitch 120-Links Chain

Renthal C294 R3-2 O-Ring 520-Pitch 120-Links Chain

Renthal O-ring 120 links chain comes with vacuum injected grease which is placed into the chain joint to reduce the friction and improve the smooth performance of the chain. Due to the high-quality materials construction with Nitrile rings make sure you motorcycle chain would not leave you embarrassed at any time.

In addition to the greased o-ring connections, the alloy steel metal plates provide high strength and make sure to heavy loads without getting damaged. Further, to reduce the friction force among the connecting pins bearing pins are used to lower the wear and tear effects and also are supported by gold colored plates to lower the chances of corrosion.

DID 520VX2-120 X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

 DID 520VX2-120 X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

DID X-ring chain comes with the connecting links for a convenient and easy installation and reliable configuration to keep everything good to go. In addition to this, the chain features rigid form VX2 series offering smooth and quick responsive action to ensure that you will get higher efficiency and offers no loss of power during the operational phase. The maximum engine displacement range is around 750cc and the tensile strength offers to support up to 8219 pounds.

Due to the fact, the chain has an X-ring structure the wear and tear problem is not there at all and you can expect to get 35 times longer life as compared to other brands of chain that come in the same category.

RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 120-Links O-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

 RK Racing Chain 520-SO-120 120-Links O-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

One of the most popular racing chains are the RK Racing chains. The reason behind this preferred usage is its heat treated hi-carbon steel parts ensuring quality performance. The chain comes as Pre-stretched to make sure it lasts longer and in its good condition. The O-Ring design offers a smooth and easy flow of the chain and can resist high tensile pressures when in use. For better and stronger joints the clip like master links supports 7700 pounds per feet.

The chain provides an efficient and durable structure that is capable of performing at high speed and with not breakage issues until and unless it has been damaged. Though regular checks may be needed to ensure the chain stays in its best condition.​


​​As per our discussion regarding the most efficient and best motorcycle chain available on the market, we have analyzed here some of the best options you might be able to avail for your motorcycle. Due to the fact the X and O-ring chains are great for medium-heavy to duty rolling, the SRS or self-regulating seal chain comes with an extra advantage of having sealed components for safer and stronger functions.

Still, if you are interested in having a standard motorcycle chain, you can give try to the X ring chains and in case you need to support your superbike, you may prefer buying the SRS chain by Renthal.

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