CRG Sports ATV-6 Motocross Motorcycle Scooter Full-Face Fiberglass Helmet Review

CRG Sports ATV-6 Motocross Motorcycle Scooter Full-Face Fiberglass Helmet

Competitive looking helmets' sphere is becoming saturated. However, there's not any dearth. There's definitely going to become great designs. There might be re-hashes and nods for some layouts, and it is just what CRG Sports do using their ATV collection. There were instant however lots of and significant design changes that has caused the culmination from the ATV 6.

DOT certified, however perhaps not ECE 22.05. That means that you may ride in US and Canada wearing this lid, however, perhaps not at the EU zone (apparently). Check price here.

The helmet's design are retained subtle, a person's attention interface the venting strategy and visor mount rankings provide this a styling that was non-aggressive. You're able to in fact observe the look evolve across the iterations and get compact if you're a ATV helmet customer. The eyebrow shield shape is a design in helmets.

The helmet is available in four different colors -- a motif that features a great deal of flakes and shiny black, matte black, glossy white. Nonetheless, it appears heavy set in black, whitened and black.

The packaging is remarkable. Each of CRG helmets include with their own packaging boxes.

The Top Features to Look Out For

Styling is very trivial. Think about attributes? Let us have a peek at


The ATV shell consists of plastic. Fiberglass' base is a polymer that includes amalgamated strands or fibers of silica and other nutritional supplements. The approach is completed as it's in liquid form and injection molding can be used to offer a form to it. This produces the shell light weight and impact resistant.

Is material leaves the helmet fragile. That means you may be sure that other breaches from the joys of this shell as well as fractures wont appear unless it's trapped under an heavy load.

It weighs approximately 3 lbs, as a result of its fiber glass reinforced among the claws available on the market.

The contour is much more of a curved oblong, however also the size 'large' has enough span to adapt minds that are long and a small thin. Together with six sizes, you may make certain of choosing the one that fits you.


The ​CRG Sports ATV-6 Motocross has been built with a face guard. It's been promoted as scratch resistant. Ironically a decal on the face guard reminds you never to ride having a guard that is scratched during the night. It's really very immune to scrapes and bruises, however it goes to get scraped in the event that you're involved with a area at which the face protector is lip-locked with the tarmac. That person will be protected by this .

The face protector doesn't have anti therefore it's rather somewhat bit to ride in weather. You may continue to keep the visor at an 'city' or ' 'cracked open' position and the mist will clear up. The visor has mounts thus whenever you get one you're covered.

Even the visor mounts can be small and also the mechanics is not compared with helmets within this price group.


It's really quite helpful in letting a great deal of atmosphere in, although the venting system might appear dull and minimalistic. Three vents on each side of a single angry-looking pentagonal extrusion and four chin vents will be your inlets. These jaws and allow air to flow across your mouth. Air is allowed by two chimney ports on either side in over the scalp.

It's somewhat disappointing from getting that circulating air 19, that strategy doesn't work. Perhaps not bad though. It could have left a wonderful improvement if there were ports in the rear, although it isn't as though you're likely to choke in your stale air.

Padding and Lining

The cloth stems from COOLMAX; ensured to be both cozy and smooth. It can be watertight and wicks dust and perspiration immediately up, so the skin doesn't feel bloated throughout a few of your tours that are more. The comfortable lining is washable and removable, helping one to continue using it before an alternative is essential.

Customer Reviews

That helmet was enjoyed by approximately 80 per cent of those clients due to its own design and amount of features. Some complained it let atmosphere, though others comprehended that the visor mounts simultaneously and so were miffed.

Many enjoyed the simple fact the ​CRG Sports ATV-6 Motocross really is great at keeping their minds warm in climate and curbing noise. But the fogging capacity that was inadequate made them tired.

Important Thing

The CRG ATV 6 really is an adequate entrant from the flurry of helmets trying-on the 'Vader' appearance also it has features for the user. That one is going to fit your needs, if you aren't certain about purchasing a superior brand.

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