Custom Bilt Techno Metropolis Bluetooth Helmet Review

Custom Bilt Techno Metropolis Bluetooth Helmet - XL - White

If you're on the market to get a helmet however the one which provides protection to you, and isn't too hard to manage, then you require the Custom Bilt Techno Metropolis Bluetooth Helmet. Check price here.

Ever get sick and tired of not being not able to join on the web when on the street or not having the ability to stream audio?

But with the Bilt bluetooth helmet which shouldn't be an issue. The thing regarding the Bilt bluetooth helmet is the fact that it is accompanied by visors that are easy to clip also with a simple charge option and de-attach.

Some of the problems in regards to helmets is that passengers often confront on roadtrips is build-up over heating problems or visors. Nevertheless, the Bilt tech no metropolis bluetooth helmet comes with ports, which allows for ventilation also are simple to close and open. This takes good care of problems that are over heating and fogging.

The helmet provides you and is accompanied by an injection shaped open market that's springy enough to withstand effects that are strong. The helmet itself is sold with advanced options for example an control option with the plug in in located behind the helmet. The shell arrives with paint with lacquer in addition to a glossy finish.

The helmet is designed to accomplish exactly that and was made for functionality that was slick.
The helmet includes rust a secure and tap option along with lining making it a lot easier to fasten the helmet.

The thing about the bluetooth Bilt helmet is you may tune in to music or some other kind of entertainment while.

The Bilt bluetooth allows you and Bluetooth Bilt helmets to set the helmet as provided that they will have the Bilt helmet around, therefore it's possible to talk about with the music.

The helmet comes with a removable and flappable visor and will come from both visor in addition to variations that are tinted and mirrored.

Which means you have to select the visor depending on your taste however, the ones may provide the protection against ultra violet beams and glares to your eyes.

Features Which Makes It a Fantastic Purchase

Here Are Just Some of this Bilt Tech No Metropolis Blueooth helmet's Functions:

Detachable visors

Even the visors include transparent, mirrored in addition to tinted; by alternating at the face of the helmet, you also can turn it detach it. Toggle the key. You need to have the ability to detach the visor.

Well placed vents

Such vents are simple to use, and the helmet includes a ventilation right in front and two ports across the medial side and you will find dilemmas that are over heating or not any fogging. The venting stations are situated at either side of this helmet and also in very front, ensuring that you are able to inhale even with the visor on and it doesn't force you to feel suffocated.

Sleek design

The helmet has been designed to decrease wind and drag resistance and enabling one to travel at greater rates. The style can be custom built in order the helmet doesn't float onto the top or coat but sits onto your own mind, and would make it perfect.

Ultra high tech injection molded shell

The helmet is available in sizes and also was made to provide you with a fit that is snug. It is accompanied by a ultra advanced injection molded shell that gives protection in impacts to you.

Internal liner

The helmet includes layering along with pads over the interior and comes with higher density foam providing you against other sorts of injuries as well as impacts.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here Are Just Some of this Bilt Tech No Metropolis BlueTooth helmet's advantages:


  • Effortless to utilize, also weighs significantly less despite Bluetooth connectivity
  • Offers up Increased connectivity Due to its BlueTooth, Even Though the helmet will not supply for a comfortable fit, you should still Have the Ability to enjoy your audio with complete relaxation
  • Includes numerous visor versions, so you can choose the one that you need -- from apparent into mirrored visors
  • Multiple ports -- supplies greater venting compared to many helmets with Several vents which are equally simple to start and shut
  • Easy strap -- the helmet causes it Simple to strap it onto and eliminate it onto a single move, even if wearing gloves


  • The Bluetooth operates effortlessly however, the sole problem is that It Doesn't work that nicely under large rates, so You Might Want to consider in to consideration
  • It Arrives in just 3 colors, black, silver and white

Final Verdict

Even the Bilt Techno Metropolis bluetooth helmet does dent well reasons it's labeled as the company of the biker -- having a reasonable price , about many fronts.

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