High-tech Helmets – 7 Helmet High Tech And High Style.

Wearable Tech is making head way at 201​9 and the Motorcycle industry is keeping pace with those brand new high-tech helmets along with motorcycle helmets that are smart.

I am a small geek myself so if advances such as these Helmets with HUD (heads up display) and rear-view just starting going to on the spectacle, I can not help but desire a brand new "Large boytoy."

Go ride and live.

High-tech Helmets
A HUD Motorcycle Helmet

To start is your Reevu HUD Helmet. The Helmet was design with personality at heart as well solving an issue that plagues walkers riders -- perhaps not having the ability to see. Even the "rear-view mirror" seen in trucks and cars doesn't translate well in to the plan of a bicycle. And the two tiny side mirrors do not appear to be in a position to provide street visibility that is hardly back.

Input the Reevu. Safety, comfort, and non street/wind noise are high priorities to the manufacturers of the high-tech motorcycle helmet. Even the HUD (or even heads up display) supplies a realtime display of what exactly is happening behind you. Essentially this helmet stinks the traveling of almost any light all of the way round the casing of the helmet only such as the mirror in an auto. Motorcycle-racing sports possess the maximum benefit out with the invention.

And also in the instance of a zombie apocalypse, then whether they're gaining for you 21, you may like to determine.

With the latest release of this brand new Nuviz HUD attachement, now you can transform any helmet to some HUD smart helmet.

​Skully AR-1

​Skully AR-1

The SKULLY AR-1 is a update to some hightech motorcycle helmet toolbox. With an integrated ultra wideangle rear perspective camera along with translucent head-sup Screen (HUD), this helmet exhibits your blind spots straight before you personally.

The visor extends from light. With fully incorporated bluetooth speakers along with builtin navigation, then you obtain turn by turn guidelines in areas of low reception, also you also get to stone while riding.

Lightmode Helmets – EL Wire Motorcycle Helmets

Lightmode Helmets

With the addition of extra lighting increase your road visibility. Wireless LED kits for converting your chosen apparel are all readily available to in numerous colours and also control option. This is just how to put in one.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets - Make your music mobile.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have assembled in speakers to follow your favourite music on the move.

Some manufacturers such as Torc offer them installed from the mill, and kits can be bought to convert your favourite custom made motorcycle helmet in to a beatbox road-worthy lid.

​The GPS & HUD Motorcycle Helmet - Livemap

HUD Motorcycle Helmet

Livemap is now within an crowdfunding mode and also the internet site offers a Kickstarter-like texture to it together with perks and perks over the righthand side of this homepage for various contribution levels.

Unique hi tech motorbike helmet using builtin navigation platform and voice controlled port.

This helmet unites GPS capacities and also a heads up display platform having a voice controlled interface.

​Bluetooth Headsets – Partner Communication

Why buy hold of a helmet as soon as you're able to upgrade your own. century. Unless you're one of those cafe racer hipster type s, then everything you want some some fantastic beard oil. I kid, I kid.

Moving to an extended ride along with your partner? You wish to talk with yet another breeder at the class regarding the sights on the way. Bluetooth ear-buds may also be making this simpler casual.

​Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

The Move Pro is actually a camera built designed for sport recording. It's by far the most versatile camera available on the sector and also has a massive user fan-base which may backup the promise, "put it on, Mount it think it's great."

Once you undergo a spin pro your self, only then are you going to combine the Experts.

Whichever course you choose to upgrade in to the life-style whilst riding your bike, and you're likely to love your newfound freedom. One other features here which you just may love to see at a motorcycle helmet? Nightvision? Image shooting? I enjoy the above combined into one sick motorcycle helmet all will not mess up my hair

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