HJC RPHA-11 Pro PIXAR CARS Lightning McQueen Helmet Review

HJC RPHA Unisex-Adult Full Face RPHA-11 Pro PIXAR CARS Lightning McQueen Helmet

What's special this is that the design is motivated by the model of Lightning McQueen from the feature film, although RPHA Unisex-Adult Full Face RPHA-11 Pro is really a collection of helmets.

Thus, put it around and begin with your adventuresome travel where you may also attempt to slip your bike at the corner of a drive way and state "Kachow!!" Check price.

Fashion this helmet includes a good deal of features and it is intended to meet the requirements of bike riders that carry their passion.

There are a great deal of inputs placed by the enterprise to upgrade aspects of this helmet. One of the significant features to be noticed contain a remarkably robust and durable shell and also a efficient and developed venting system.

The helmet is a fantastic purchase for the purchase price bearing in mind the mixture of fashion using high level and more sound capabilities.

The Top Features

HJC RPHA Unisex-Adult Full Face RPHA-11 Pro PIXAR CARS Lightning McQueen Helmet

Let us theoretically examine this variant of this helmet onto the parameters which are expected in every helmet with this kind.

CAD High-technology Shell

Aramid Epoxy A structure of various substances namely, Fiberglass Epoxy, carbon-fiber and also Organic fabric are synthesized to receive an outcome as the helmet's casing. This means of synthesis is popularly known as PIM (Premium integral Matrix) technology.

As a result of matrix there is a strong yet light weight casing established -- and it can come .The CAD technology and the relaxation of the casing add together. This tech builds the shape and orientation of this helmet up in line with this arrangement of the skull that is individual and also that which will possibly be the ideal fit for this.

The combination of multiple materials added with all the orientation gets the shell of the helmet a master piece alone. This master piece owns the capability to negate any wobbling or misbalancing effect which might have a possibility to build throughout the travel any time.

Padding and Lining

HJC RPHA Unisex-Adult Full Face RPHA-11 Pro PIXAR CARS Lightning McQueen Helmet

The interior of the helmet has been manufactured with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) technology. On preceding this, we've got an extremely soft liner of fabric and filled padding that's also attached with E.Q.R.S "reddish tab" for the point of emergency discharge during the collision.

Even the EPS supports all kinds of glasses a rider would like to place, make sure it eyeglass or sunglass.

It's comprised to provide a feel. The extract also helps hinder. It keeps the interior dry by absorbing moisture and sweat that is generated period of wearing the helmet because of very long period.

The crown and cheek pads washed and could be removed for cleanup. The process on account of the nature of pads not withers the surface of these pads.

Racing Shield

The shield that is rushing is more resistant to both fogs along with also the curvature is 2 d level. The Racing Shield comes with pin-lock that was Optically-superior. The 2 d flat racing guard can be comprised with Clear pin-lock fit. This close and onetouch open approach is simple to use even with gloves. The lock has been reportedly wholly secure despite being simple.

Besides the one, the package owns the land of 2 d flatness and also comprises of one smoke. The insert lens works fine with all the protector.

It's been fabricated into the specifications of technology that was HJ26. The shield's superiority is crucial.

It includes Quick Fire Shield Replacement System that's really a secure and easy guard ratchet system which provides tool-less setup and removal for performance.


The venting is sold with "ACS", i.e., Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. It's the complete front. This station helps to flush out the majority of humidity and heat out and up.

Round the chin area, ingestion vents have been created for the airflow from port. The dials can adjust the sum. All these dials are manufactured in a way they can be operated with all the gloves.

It comes to check environment representatives in a few situations to receive indoors. It is present using a slider for down and when potential.

The breath deflector vents the atmosphere which can be irritating when it remains in the whilst forcing outside.

Emergency Helmet Release

You'd adore the E.Q.R.S (Emergency Quick Release System) "reddish tab" -- it really is attached with the cheek pads on either side, approximately below the ear. In the event of accident or emergency, the eyebrow pads could be removed. The helmet to acquire taken from this victim's mind readily is enabled by this elimination of cheek pads.

Customer Reviews

Vast majority of clients are pleased with deliverable and the design that this price is provided at by HJC. Venting and the relaxation are valued.

Some are not happy. Since it leaves the helmet lighter it isn't although it leaves the impact type.

Some of them said in regards to the unavailability of a visor.


HJC RPHA Unisex-Adult Complete Face RPHA-11 Pro PIXAR CARS Lightning McQueen Helmet can be a superb choice -- fulfilling the requirements that an expert will need for a helmet. The CAD cubes that are exceptional ensure it is exceptional, and also the look sticks out.

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