How To Clean And Maintain Dirt Bike Helmet

How To Clean And Maintain Dirt Bike Helmet

​Do you wish to find out the most comfortable method to clean and maintain your dirt bike helmet? You can fulfill this wish by following the complete guidelines in this tutorial. I feel happy to use and maintain my dirt bike helmet in the best manner. Now, I have enough proficiency about how to clean and maintain dirt bike helmet regardless of its size and brand.

​A dirt bike helmet is not only designed to protect its users in a crash, but also protects such users’ face from bugs and debris on the road. Users of this helmet nowadays get the most outstanding insulation to their head from the weather. They feel very comfortable every time they use it and engage in off-road riding.

​Even though you have own a dirt bike and used a dirt bike helmet, you have to be conscious on cleanliness and proper maintenance of this helmet. You may experience the bad odour and other problems in your helmet caused by improper or no maintenance.

​I reveal how to properly clean and maintain this helmet throughout its lifetime in this tutorial. You can listen to this tutorial and fulfil your requirements on the most convenient method to maintain the dirt bike helmet.​

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​Beginners to the helmet cleaning nowadays get confused with different suggestions from their kith and kin. They have decided to overcome all unfavorable things associated with the helmet cleaning and maintenance. They have to use the following things to take care of their dirt bike helmet as expected.

  • Mild soaps to clean the liner
  • A towel soaked in warm water every time to loosen bug guts
  • A scratch-free microfiber towel to clean the helmet
  • Choose the minimum pressure to clean visors and gloss shells
  • Use automatic polish on the shell located on the gloss helmet
  • Clean out joints and vents using cotton swabs
  • Air dry liner and helmet
  • Protect a helmet with an automotive wax coat
  • Lubricate each moving part in the helmet
  • Wear a liner for protecting the liner from body oils and sweat

​Things To Avoid For Properly Maintaining The Helmet

You may get an idea to scrub the visor or shell of the dirt bike helmet for removing the stubborn bug guts. You have to quit this idea when you do not like to reduce the function and life of the helmet. This is advisable to avoid using any petroleum distillate for cleaning the helmet. Do not use any glass cleaner on the visor. If you use hard soaps such as dish soap, then the quality of your helmet is reduced over time.

There is no need to use a dryer sheet in the helmet to freshen it. You will get negative results when you use soap with fabric softener to clean the liner and put the liner in the dryer. Keep in mind that a proper maintenance of any brand of the dirt bike helmet only gives the best benefits to its users.

Clean Inside And Outside Of The Helmet​

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​You may wish to know further about how to clean and maintain dirt bike helmet inside and outside. There are two options while cleaning the interior of the helmet. These options are a non-removable liner and removable liner.

If you have a removable liner, then you can pull out the liner with the cheek pads and clean it with a mild cleanser in the kitchen sink. You can put it in a washing bag and place it in the washing machine to clean it in the gentle cycle less than 30 degrees. You have to hang it out and air dry once finished washing.

Simple Steps To Follow For Cleaning The Helmet​

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​​As a user of the dirt bike helmet, you have to be conscious on how to maintain and clean it on a regular basis. You need the mild soap and grease remover to clean the helmet on your own. The best in class nature of the grease remover or mild soap soften the grease in the helmet and let it go at the end.

​Remove Every Detachable Item

​​If you have ensured your requirements to properly clean and maintain your favourite dirt bike helmet, then you have to remove each element in the helmet with the removable nature. For example, you have to remove the visor, breath guard and cheek pads one after another from the helmet.

​Take A Shampoo

​​It is the right time to grab some shampoo and mix it in a small bowl of water. Once you have prepared this shampoo solution, you can directly apply it. You will not suffer from any problem whenever you use a shampoo to clean a helmet. Do not use a hot water to clean a helmet at any time.

Rinse The Helmet​

​​You have to rinse the overall helmet in lukewarm water at first. You may get an idea to directly place the helmet in the shampoo and water based cleaning solution. You have to avoid such idea when you do not want to dip and scrub with the contaminated water. You can dunk the helmet in and drench that helmet in cleanliness. Gently message the lining, rinse out the shampoo and pat dry the exterior.


Is this tutorial about a successful method to clean and maintain a dirt bike helmet helpful to you? You can efficiently use the clean and high-quality helmet whenever you love off-road riding by using a dirt bike.

As compared to following any poor method to clean a helmet, you have to be conscious on cleaning agents and techniques in detail. If you follow my guidelines about how to clean and maintain dirt bike helmet on a regular basis, then you can get the most expected assistance. You will be satisfied with the best result within a short time and confident to recommend this tutorial to your friends.

You may have a doubt about any complex aspect of cleaning or maintaining the dirt bike helmet at this time. You can ask any question about this topic in the comments section and get an answer for each question as quickly as possible.​

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