How to Paint a Motorcycle Engine?

How to Paint Motorcycle Engine

​If biking is your passion and you love your bike then you must want to utilize some of your time in painting it. Painting your motorcycle engine is quite an enjoyable activity and can be a ‘do it yourself’ thing if you want to kill some free time and invest it in doing something interesting. In this piece of writing, we will be elaborating some of the simple steps that will reply “How to paint a motorcycle engine?

With the help of the steps that will be presented in this article, you can not only clean your engine very quickly but with the step by step procedure, you can paint not only your bike's engine but also the other parts of your bike.

Once must take a look all the sections that have been elaborated below and then start with this enjoyable activity. Please note that this activity may take 4-5 days in completing because all the steps have a time limit of their own.

Another important point to be noted is that you should know the basic structure of your engine, the parts that are harmful and should be covered and you must know how to disassemble and assemble your bike engine.

Paint a Motorcycle Engine

​In this section you will witness some of the interesting steps that should be taken by the people when they are investing their precious time in bike engine painting. This activity can either be done alone or with the help of someone yet the time taken in the drying the primer and the coat of the spray paint should reasonable. Never rush to go for the next step until all the technical aspect of the previous steps has finished. Value the time and get the best result when you are painting your engine. The steps that you will follow while painting your bike have been suggested as follow:

  • Cleaning the exterior of the engine
  • Scuffing the engine
  • Polishing the parts that you want to be polished.
  • Disassembling the parts, to paint each and every part of the engine.
  • Making a painting booth
  • Applying the Primer
  • Using the Spray Paint

​Exploring the Different Steps

​Let’s now try to understand what can you do when you are performing the above-stated steps for painting your motorcycle engine. Below we will be elaborating the different steps that have been stated in the previous section:

1. Cleaning the Exterior of the Engine:

When you are cleaning the bike engine then you are focusing on the dust, and the oil remains in the corners of the engine that are hard to be noticed. So the first step is to clean the dirt with the help of the air compressor. Then we will cover the important parts that should not be damaged. Once covered, a degreasing agent will be applied that will remove the oil remains right after washing the chemical with the water hose having the high-pressure spray nozzle. The soda blaster approach, working with the help of some necessary tools, can assist in cleaning the engine.

2. Scuffing the Engine:

After with the support of the suitable scuffle should be done so that the remaining dust, sand or the wax particles can be removed from the engine surface. If you use the grit value higher than certain limit let’s 400-girt, then there may be the possibility that you may scratch the surface.

3. Polishing Before Painting:

Yes, you are reading it right. There may be some parts that you want to be polished first so make sure to polish those parts and let them dry for some time. Polishing when the painting is done may reduce the pain quality and shine so one must try doing the polishing first.

4. Disassembling:

This step is important because you would want to paint the each and every part of the engine so why not painting the every part one by one and the assembling then again when the paint has dried up.

After following the above-stated steps, you must clean them once again and then let them dry for at least two days so that painting can be easy.

5. Making the Paint Booth:

Within the two days, you can make your paint both because of the reason that painting is not as easy as it seems. The paint have the chemicals that can give you a hard time in breathing so make sure to have paint booth with proper ventilation, dry, clean and warm to be in.

6. Applying the Primer:

Now you must have a high-quality primer that can help you to give the base for painting. Make sure to use the flame-proof primer so that you can be safe while applying the primer.

Now if the case is that you are using the color that is same to the color of the primer then there is no need to let the primer dry completely. You can use the spray paint once the primer is somewhat dry.

However, if the case that the color of the primer different then the engine, then let it dry for a day or two so that you can have a good paint coating. Double coat the primer is always necessary.

7. Spray Painting:

Here comes the final step in which you will use the spray painting tool so that you can paint your engine with good finishing. Let every coat dry and then apply the second, there and the fourth layer but make sure you are not applying thick coats. The every layer should be thin and properly done.


​Once you are done with all the steps make sure to let your engine dry. Hence by following the guide stated below you can solve the query: “How to paint a motorcycle engine?” But let’s tell some important points in the end, that this procedure should be done with the help of the gloves and eye gears so that you can be safe from all the high fumes of the paint, primer and other things. These chemicals can be hazardous, so make sure to stay safe.

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