6 Easy Methods: How to Remove a Stripped Nut?

Remove a Stripped Nut

Have you ever been in the condition when you are trying to disassemble your motorbike, and suddenly a nut or a screw starts to mess up with you? Have you ever stopped thanks to the stripped nut that is being stubborn and doesn’t want to leave its position?

We know such situations can be quite annoying and make you stop your activity.

In this article, we will be elaborating some of the methods that may help you in getting rid of the problem “How to remove a stripped nut?” that can give you a hard time. However, before going to the different methods let us inculcate some of the reasons behind the stripping of the nut. This can help you in eliminating those reasons earlier and prevent the situation like stripped nut from happening.

So, our first and the foremost method is to avoid the situation from happening that can be done if we know the certain reasons that have been stated as follow:

  • Rusting of the metal is one of the biggest reasons behind the stripped nut. The threads of the nut get rusted, and the bolt either stuck in or breaks inside the nut and creates a problem for you when you are disassembling any machine.
  • Sometimes the nut and the bolt are too tight that they have extreme tension. This pressure may lead stripped nut or bold when you are trying to open the assembly.
  • Loose tightening of the nut and bolt together make them move without even you noticing and this will destroy then thread leading them to have a cross-threading or marred situation when you try to open the assembly.
  • Cross threading is quite simple to understand because in this case the nut is not fixed at the specific conditions in the thread that will lead to the stuck bolt and nut and finally to the broken nut when you are trying to open the machine.

In all these situations the one thing is clear that, while assembling the parts for the first time or when you are assembling the parts by yourself, you must make sure that fix them together with the appropriate amount of tightness. You must make sure that the threads do not get marred while you are fixing them.

Prevention of the corrosion or we says rusting should also be taken so that we can avoid this unexpected situation of stripped nut.

​Different Methods To Get Rid Of Stripped Nut

​Now that you have understood the reason then let’s explore the different ways that can help us in getting rid of the stripped nuts. Below we have listed some of the methods that will assist you in removing the rounded nut from the bolt, and you can have the easy disassemble:

  • Using the blunt force.
  • Relief Cuts
  • Rocking the bolt
  • Drill them out
  • Using the flames
  • Nut Extractor

There are more methods, but the above-stated means can be considered as the best means to get rid of the stripped nut.

Elaborating The Different Methods

​Now let’s try to understand the each and every way that can help in the restoration of stripped nut:

Methods 1. Using the Blunt Force

​This is the most traditional method and can be considered as the first step while solving the stripped nut problem. In this, we will hit the head of the bolt with a punch to loosen it up. Then with the help of the impact gun, the bolt will be hit backward and forward. The vibrations produced due to the hit will assist in removing the bold from the corrode nut.

Methods 2. Using the relief cuts

​Being the sure-shot method, it is not the cleanest yet the best method to remove the nut from the damaged bolt. The procedure is simple, all you got to do it make some cuts on the head of the bolt, and long enough so that then nut can be removed easily. Then with the help of the hammer, beat the nut and pull it out. Then clean the threads and use the new installation.

Methods 3. Rocking the bolt

​It is a method but requires patience and motion. You will be necessary to move the nut and bolt back and forth slowly to lose the tension in between the two and then slowly remove the nut form the screw.

Methods 4. Drill them out

​This again a sure-shot method in which you will heat up the bolt with the help of the drill. The steps are simple you will first drill the metal through the bolt to its full length and then with the support of the hammer you will remove the bolt very easily yet with a little force.

Methods 5. Using the flames

​We all know that a hot metal expends and the cold one contract and hence the steps to using the flames are simple. You will first need to heat up the bolt and then let it cool. This expansion and then contraction will allow the bond between the corrosion and the bolt thread to break and you can get the work done.

Methods 6. Nut Extractor

​Nut extractors are the tool that has the sole purpose of removing the stripped net and hence if use the different types of a professional tool like them you can get rid of the stripped nut problem.

​​Final Words

​​All the above-stated methods are simple to use and can help you to get the answer to the query “how to remove a stripped nut?” All you need to do is follow the procedure carefully and then with the help of the simple tools that are easily available one can get rid of the stripped nut. Make sure that you have the idea about the working and the result of the steps that you will take before going for the procedure so that you can stay safe while removing the nut.

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