How To Ride a Motorcycle Safely on The Road

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling experiences of life. If you ride on a Harley bike at top speed feeling the wind through your hair and the world whir by you in a flash, it is nothing short of ecstasy. However, the thrill and sheer joy of a motorcycle ride also comes with its risks and hazards.

Since a motorcycle is a two-wheel transport, it is highly unstable compared to other four-wheel vehicles. So all the while driving a motorcycle, you not only have to keep your bike clear of any obstacles and other traffic but also maintain your balance and ensure that the bike does not lose its center of gravity. This sounds hard but with practice, it becomes instinct.

How To Ride a Motorcycle Safely

A vital way of ensuring your safety while riding a motorcycle is to follow the standard set of precautions. It involves equipping yourself with the relevant gear, such as a helmet to avoid any head injuries in case of an accident, and to know the advantages and disadvantages of a bike ride really well. It also involves being well aware of the traffic laws and regulations so as to avoid any costly mistake on the road which could jeopardize your life or that of other drivers on the road.

Following are some great tips to help you ride your motorcycle safely and to truly enjoy your ride:

​Think of it this way: helmet is your frontline defense against a large number of dangers you will face when riding a bike. It protects your head from any injuries in case you lose your balance on the motorcycle or hit another vehicle. While most other injuries can be healed over time, head injury can leave permanent brain damage. So the first prudent decision you must make when riding a bike is to get a helmet and always wear it when on bike.

Always Apply the Rear Brakes First

​When you have to shed your motorcycle’s speed suddenly, always apply the rear brakes first. This keeps your bike stable and helps you remain balanced. If you rather apply the front brakes at high speed, this can immediately cause your bike to unbalance, slip and skid, causing dangerous accidents. So train yourself to always apply the rear brakes first and then if you need further assistance, you can apply the front brakes as a secondary measure.

Drive smoothly and don’t be alarmed

​Most of the dangers that come with riding a motorcycle occur when you have to make sudden decisions. Many drivers tend to panic when they have to make a sudden decision such as apply brakes or shift gears. You must train yourself to take things smoothly and calmly when riding a bike. If you have to shift gears, do this smoothly and try to time them perfectly. If you must apply brakes, never do so with unnecessary haste and try to keep your weight balance at all times. If you want to drive at high speeds, notch up your speed slowly and get in with the flow of the ride. This way, you will be alert and safe at the same time, letting you enjoy the most of your bike ride.

Keep Alert Eyes on the Road

​If a pebble or a stone comes under a car’s wheel, the car rushes past it without noticing it. This is not the same with a motorcycle. If your motorcycle’s wheel comes in contact with a pebble or a wet patch on the road or some other unexpected obstacle for the wheels, you may lose your balance and slip on the road. And this can lead to numerous injuries. So it is a great idea to keep your eyes alertly on the road and to always look for any road-signs that may indicate any unexpected terrain up ahead.

Maintain Your Motorcycle

​When you are riding a motorcycle, you are depending on the performance of the bike. If the brakes fail or the tires give out or some other major failure happens, your smooth ride may turn into a jagged misfortune. Don’t let minor negligence turn your motorcycle ride into one full of dangers. A good idea is to fix a time daily for the routine check-up of your bike. Check the brakes, the tires, the wheels and other parts of the bike and make sure that everything is working perfectly fine. Do this especially before taking a long journey.

Watch out for the Traffic

​When you are riding a motorcycle on a road full of cars and other large vehicles, you are the one who has to be alert all the time. It is easy for a car drive to bump into a motorcycle rider out of sheer carelessness. So at one hand, you have to avoid making any mistakes of your own when driving a motorcycle and at the other hand, you also have to ensure that you don’t get rammed in due to some other driver’s mistake.

Don’t be distracted

​We live in a digital age where everyone has a smartphone and often other supplementary digital devices. While that is all well and good, you must absolutely put everything on a don’t-disturb mood when riding a motorcycle. Don’t think that you can take a call while riding and don’t even think of texting someone while you are on the wheels. Motorcycle accidents often take place simply because the driver is distracted. And your smartphone is the biggest distraction for you when you are on the road.

Drive Safe, Avoid Haste

​If you are looking for true fun and thrill, it is not in the throng of traffic. Ride away into some area where traffic is little and there you can test your high-speed riding skills. If you want to enjoy true biking thrill while remaining safe, make sure that you always leave ample space between yourself and other traffic. And a vital tip to remain safe is to never make haste. A few seconds gained or lost at a time when you are vexed or annoyed are no advantage and are simply a huge risk. Take a deep breath, make calm and well-considered decisions when biking and never give in to your hasty impulses.

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