Motorcycle Helmets For Dogs – Protecting Your Best Friend

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​Can you imagine riding down the countryside with your best friend in front of you, the wind in your hair, sunlight beating down on you? They say a dog is a man's best friend, so don't they deserve to be treated with the same respect and care as any other being?

​Dogs are nothing but one of the kindest and most humble creatures to walk this planet and not only do they provide joy and happiness, but they also provide humans with safety and protection. So it's only fair, we try and provide them with equal if not more, security and protection. So, sure taking your dog along on these rides sounds delightful but, driving with your dog can be a dangerous affair, in terms of safety thus, this article has been put together to introduce motorcycle helmets for dogs.

​Helmets for dogs have only been introduced recently into the market but they have been fit with all the necessary features needed to accurately yet comfortably provide your dog with all the safety they need. Below mentioned are just some of many of the features provided by these helmets:-

  • ​Protection - Helmets have a hard cover which protects the dog against excessive sunlight or windy conditions and also prevents them from hurting their head against any objects.
  • Adjustable - The helmet also has adjustable padding to provide the best fit, using a Velcro strap that can be adjusted for more comfort.
  • Straps - The straps on both sides are also adjustable thus, it can be tightened or loosened based on the comfort of the dog.


Worried about the whether or not your dog will be able to fit into these helmets? Well, worry no more, helmets for dogs can be custom made in all sizes, to fit the smallest breeds like pugs to the largest like the German shepherds. The most common sizes available are of three types; small, medium and large. While browsing online or in shops for dog helmets you'll need two types of measurements to help you obtain the best fit. The two measurements to take into consideration are:-

  • Width - To measure the width, measure the distance across the top of the dog's head, from one ear to another (make sure not to bend the measuring tape while doing this!)
  • Circumference - To measure the circumference, measure the distance from across the forehead to the back of the dog's head. For floppy ears, measure around the ears and for straight ears, fold them down and include them in the measurement.

DIY Helmet - Helmets For Dogs

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​These specialized helmets are generally, found online or in special dog stores but they are known to be expensive and for some affording these helmets to provide their dogs with the required safety might be difficult or impossible. So if you're finding it difficult to afford these helmets, worry not, just follow these few simple steps or refer to the picture below to make your own dog helmet for your loved pet.

​Steps to creating your own DIY helmet:-

  1. ​To start off, acquire a Styrofoam ball the size of your dogs head. If it is a little bigger, it's alright, but the smaller it is the more tighter and uncomfortable it will be for your dog.
  2. Cut the ball into two equal halves and make two helmet shapes.
  3. Scoop out the foam from the middle, just enough to lay on your dogs head. Make sure you don't scoop out too much, else the helmet will be hollow and could lead to breakage.
  4. Then precisely, cut out wedges to accommodate your dog's ears.
  5. Cut four equal slits; two on the top and two at the bottom.
  6. Thread elastic through these four slits.
  7. Join the ends using safety pins.

​Understand The Need For Your Dog - Dog Helmet

​​Dogs are known to be particularly afraid of any sudden changes in physical appearance so don't be alarmed if they end up barking and getting disturbed by you wearing a helmet, or making them wear one. Any change in the normal silhouette of a human tends to alarm a dog and can lead them to get alarmed. If you realize your dog is afraid of the helmet, then help them out by wearing the helmet around, casually for a couple of days and letting them adjust to the change. Throw a ball around with a helmet on and give those treats with it on, the more normal day to day behaviors you carry out with the helmet on, the easier it is for them to adjust to it.

​If they refuse to allow you to put it on them, then calmly try and lure those using treats. Sometimes it can be difficult to get them to let it be on for longer, so give them some time to adjust to it and remember, don't be forceful! If you try to force it on them, they will only respond with aggression. Expose him/her to more people and dogs who wear helmets and try and give him/her a treat before he/she goes on a frenzy, thus allowing positive associations. The more positive associations they make with the helmet, the easier you job gets! It is always going to a new thing for your dog but it’s also going to be a useful thing for them.

Dog Motorcycle Helmets for Sale

​Helmets for dogs, now are available in all sizes and all colors. You can easily shop for these helmets online on popular online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon. Easily available are also customized helmets, where you can change everything from texture to color and add customized names. So if you a fancy a pink, studded, cute helmet for your Chihuahua or a black, flame-riddled one for your Great Dane, you can customize it. The choices are endless! Just remember, safety comes above all and like us, equal safety should be provided for our dogs, who completely trust us. So, don't let them down and start considering fashionable yet comfortable motorcycle helmets for your dog to ensure an enjoyable yet safe journey!​

Motorcycle Helmets for Dogs – Protecting your best friend

Helmets for dog
Motorcycle Helmets for Dogs
Helmets for Dogs

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