Reevu Motorcycle Helmet: Give It A Shot

Reevu Motorcycle Helmet

In the ancient times, the only way to commute from one place to other was done by the usage of bullock carts or cattle strollers. As the technology camera in, advancements took place, motorbikes and cars were introduced to the general public. After a lot of research work, it was observed that the safety was a major concern. Thus, camera in helmets, as a safety wear. With the introduction of helmets, camera in Reevu motorcycle helmets, portraying the exceptional motorbike helmets, comprising of the rear vision system.

​The technological industry and the engineering experts were stunned with the introduction of world's first motorbike helmets with an integrated vision system, to keep accidents at bay. Reevu is one company specializing in motor biking helmets and have given us exceptional helmets having perfect ingenuity.

​The rear vision system, fitted in the motorcycle helmets are internationally patented. It helps to overcome several technical hurdles. At the time of structuring of Reevu motorbike helmets, it was kept in mind that the safety is the utmost priority.​

Reevu Fsx1 Rearview Modular Helmet Medium
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Reevu Fsx1 Rearview Modular Helmet Medium
  • Comes with clear visor on front not as shown
  • Tricomposite shell 1550 grams
  • Removable liner quick release strap
  • ECE ONU 22-05 and DOT approved
  • Comes with clear visor up front tinted visor sold separately
​What Should Be Looked Upon Reevu Helmet

​Reevu motorcycle helmet is one of its class and comprise od unlimited features making it a perfect buy for the motor biking enthusiast and riders. Following are some its features, distinguishing it from the rest of the helmets:

  • These helmets come with rear vision system made up of reflective carbon plates. These plates are specially invented to react to the crimple zone making it accident proof.
  • The outer shell casing is made up of carbon elements. The optical device fitted in the helmet bends the light according to the shale of the head, considering the outer shell casing.
  • The top visor is fitted with a display, that showcases information according to the images getting stored.
  • It comes with an inbuilt GPS system, thereby giving a rider world-class experience on a two wheeler.
  • It contains liners that are well fitted according to the shape of the head, along with mix and match cheek pads.
  • The face shield is provided in an appropriate curvature along with rotating working mechanism.
  • The ear pockets provided in the helmet, comprising of internal speakers.

​Benefits Reevu Helmet

Reevu Motorcycle Helmets

​One might question the advantages of the motorbike helmets. Following are some of the benefits of the motorbike helmets, first of its kind:

  • The internationally patented vision system, provides with excellent vision capabilities, to prevent accidents. They are designed in a way, that it doesn’t affect the view ahead, and gives the rider an opportunity to have a peripheral vision along with back and forth vision capability.
  • The second in the queue is the advantage of recording the lap time along with sector splits. They have a first-class optical quality and doesn't strain the eyes in any way.
  • The liner that fits according to the need and shape of the rider along with cheek pads, give the helmet a sturdy look.
  • The face shield provides for an amazing curvature that can be rotated. These operate smoothly and is made up of 7 detents.
  • The small opening provided is to defog the helmet in extreme chilly conditions, that works perfectly providing for zero lateral flex.
  • In order to take in and exhaust, there are two vents present in the helmet namely the top vent and the chin vent along with small openings.

​Ventilation: Major Aspect Reevu Helmet

Major Aspect Reevu Helmet

​In order to provide world class comfort and safety to the consumers, Reevu's motorbike helmets come with excellent ventilation capabilities. The ventilation provides for a chin vent and top vent in addition to small openings. These ventilations further help in the reduction of noise levels, reducing the coming distractions.

The ventilation system provided by Reevu is tested thoroughly to keep the rider dry and amazingly fresh even in the extreme weather conditions.

Shell Design and Quality​ Reevu Helmet

Reevu motorcycle helmets are equipped with a shell casing. The outer shell casing is made up of carbon elements that offer a full-time resistance and proves to be one of the world's stringent helmets. The sturdiness of Reevu's helmets cannot be questioned.

Further, these motorbike helmets are perfectly fitted with two types of shells, according to the different size of the helmets.

​The MSX1 motorbike helmets provide for a lifetime warranty on the helmet shells especially made up of tri-fibre. Adding to the perfection it further provides for 5-year breakage warranty on the motorbike helmets.

​Reevu motorbike helmets have never ever compromised on the quality of their products. Quality is something, that is of utmost importance to them.

Comfort: A Priority​ Reevu Helmet

Reevu Helmet

​The technologically equipped motorbike helmets provide for the world-class comfort, keeping in mind the comfort level desires of its consumers. The face shield and the cheek pads, in addition to liners provides for an edgy yet smooth comfort for its consumers. The slightly round shape of the motorbike helmets, makes the helmet a perfect fit for any head size.

Safety Comes First​

​​According to the researchers, it has been observed that most of the accidents happen because of people not taking proper precautions for their safety. While the development of these motorbike helmets was going on, technology was not the only thing being focused on. Safety was the priority of the developers. What’s a helmet without a proper structure adding in sturdiness and stringent body?

Reevu Helmet

​The helmets without the rear vision system provide for amazing strength and it’s been seen that the safety is taken into fair consideration by the developers. The Reevu motorcycle helmets have crossed the proper safety standards of the industry and have made a worldwide appeal in the safer yet advanced options. Motorbike helmets have been tested for resistance at different speed level, different road conditions. They have even passed on the bump resistance test and have been tested by the experts in extreme weather conditions. The impact of the accident at different speed levels and the protection against it has passed the test of time. Further, these motorbike helmets have passed the legal test of the road and track usage duly mentioned in their company policy and scheme.​

Manual Instructions to Keep in Mind

​Keeping in mind the astounding and exceptional quality of such motorbike helmets, some of the manual instructions are to be considered before the usage of these motorbike helmets which are as followed:

  • The rear vision system is not fitted with batteries. The system of rear vision is fully mechanical making it even more convenient for the consumers.
  • In order to have a perfect rear vision and call for utmost safety measures, the helmets need to fit the head of the rider perfectly, not being too tight or too lose, providing for an uncomfortable experience.
  • The rear vision system requires for practice to use the helmet as it may take time for the consumer to adjust to the technology of the motorbike helmets.
  • The peripheral vision provided by the usage of these motorbike helmets is similar to the rear view vision of the cars, and thus needs appropriate adjustment.

​Customer Reviews and Scores for The Motorbike Helmets:

  • ​The consumers call for an amazing development of the Reevu motorbike helmet, being one of a kind in the industry. The technologically equipped helmets, have made a rage in the market providing for well-fitted helmets with a sturdy and stringent look.
  • They are impressed with the charcoal finish on the motorbike helmets and its finish. The helmet is made in a way that it fits every other head size and further provides for a face shield. The face shield provides for 1 mm play between the eye port gasket and the face shield, along with an appropriate curvature.
  • They are highly impressed with the technology of rear vision camera system, providing for the top, forth and peripheral vision, deteriorating the chances of risky accidents.
  • The consumers are mumbling about the speakers and how the vent reduces the noise levels additionally perfecting the defogging procedure during extreme weather conditions.

​​Scores Given: Reevu Motorcycle Helmet

​The Reevu motorcycle helmets have scored a perfect score in terms of its technologically equipped capabilities. They are given a rating of outstanding and excellent perfection. These motorbike helmets are highly recommended by the consumers, creating a rage in the industry.

In order to conclude the views of the consumers, its observed that the Reevu motorcycle helmets are a perfect buy for any rider. The industry is taken by storm with the development of these motorbike helmets. They are a big steal and must haves for any rider or motorbike enthusiast.

In a nutshell, its seen that these motorbike helmets coming up with a vision system, GPS system, optic device, liner, vents and speaker technology provide for a futuristic riding experience. It transforms your journey into a perfectly enjoyable vacation, making it a remarkable and soothing experience. Riding the motorbike wearing these motorbike helmets will make your riding experience worth remembering. Indulge in the luxury of world-class experience and savor each and every motor biking experience using Reevu motorbike helmets. Give it a shot and experience the impossible. It doesn’t cost you to wear a helmet but it does give a level of satisfaction to you.​

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