Scorpion Exo 1100 Review

Scorpion Exo 1100 Review

A wide range of motorcycles helmets are typically available on the market these days. Among these, the Scorpion exo 1100 is one of these which are a fine balance between budget and quality.

The EXO-1100 line-up features a number of models. The lower-end exo 1100 helmets cost as little. while the higher-end helmets in the line-up go up as high. As a result, you can easily find a good fit for you while keeping in view your budget range.

In order to help you decide the right Exo 1100 model as well as to let you assess the pros and cons of the line-up, we have offered a general overview as well as reviews of specific models below.

The Scorpion EXO 1100 helmets come with a fiberglass/Kevlar matrix shell which is optimized aerodynamically. On the interior, the helmet comes with AirFit cheek pads as well as a chin bar. The AirFit cheek pads can be filled with air with a pump according to the needs of a rider.

Scorpion EXO-1100 Street Demon Silver Full Face Helmet - XL

On the sides of the interior, space is available to allow a rider to user speakers near the ears. The face shield of this helmet comes with a twist lock which is very easy to use and allows you to lock the helmet in multiple detentions. The weight of this helmet is nearly 3.5 pounds.

Things we like Scorpion Exo 1100

  • One of the redeeming features of the Exo 1100 helmet is its interior. The interior is lined with high-quality padding which is easily removable and washable.
  • This padding can also be altered using the AirFit system which allows a rider to determine the inflation of the cheek pads.
  • The face shield on the Exo 1100 helmet is also a very useful feature which lets you rapidly adjust its position using SpeedShift quick change system. This lets you adjust the shield on various positions using a twist lock on the side.
  • Compared to many other bike helmets, Exo 1100 is also very quiet which makes riding a motorcycle while wearing it a smoother experience.

Thing we Didn’t Like Scorpion Exo 1100

  • A slight problem with the Exo 1100 helmet is that its ventilation is not very good. You can still defog or ventilate the helmet using the face shield lock system but apart from that, the internal vents and sliders help little to make the interior of the helmet airy enough.
  • Another minor drawback is the internal visor of the helmet which is sub-quality. In most situations, the visor many not be dark enough to block the sun.
  • Moreover, the visor also falls directly in the line-of-sight of the biker and is not optically correct.
  • These drawbacks make the internal visor mostly useless in most cases although you may still find it useful in milder sunlight situations.

Scorpion Exo 1100 Review: Top 4 Models

Scorpion EXO-1100 Jag Adult Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-1100 Jag Adult Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet - Phantom/Small
4 Reviews
Scorpion EXO-1100 Jag Adult Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet - Phantom/Small
  • Thermodynamic Composite Technology Composite Shell
  • Inflatable cheek pad system for superior personalized fit
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation
  • Optically-correct shield with state-of-the art fog-free technology and anti-scratch hardened coating.
  • Retractable interchangeable internal sun visor

The Scorpion Exo 1100 Jag is a good balance between durability and budget. This helmet comes with a TCT Composite Shell which has been made from a blend of fiberglass, aramid and poly-resin fibers.
Scorpion has packed the interior of this helmet with inflatable AirFit Liner which allows you to adjust the padding of the interior and fit the interior exactly to your face.

The helmet also comes with a SpeedShift quick-change system letting you adjust detentions of the face shield on a custom position. The faceshield itself is made from no-fog material, remaining clear during all your rides.
In order to ensure excellent ventilation of the helmet, Scorpion has included 4 intake and 6 exhaust vents on it which are very useful when riding in warm weather.

Scorpion exo 1100 street demon

The Street demon model of Scorpion Exo 1100 line-up comes with a solid Fiberglass/Kevlar matrix shell. This helmet has been constructed aerodynamically, allowing you to use it for a smooth and quiet ride. To add extra protection to the interior lining of the helmet, Scorpion has packed it with EPS-lined chin bar.

The interior of the helmet is adjustable thanks to Scorpion’s proprietary AirFit system. The helmet packs SpeedView which is internal sun visor with a dark tint.

This additional visor inside the exterior face shield lets you protect your eyes from the sun without removing or adjusting the face shield itself. Scorpion has also packed this helmet with the SpeedShift quick-change system which lets you adjust the faceshield exactly at a position that suits you.

The faceshield itself is fog-free and anti-scratch. It is also optically-correct so that you wouldn’t notice the slightest distortion in your view when using the Street Demon faceshield.

Scorpion exo-1100 solid helmet

Scorpion EXO-1100 Solid Helmet Gloss Black XXL/XX-Large/2X
2 Reviews
Scorpion EXO-1100 Solid Helmet Gloss Black XXL/XX-Large/2X
  • Inflatable cheek pad system for superior personalized fit
  • Ventilation system: Adjustable, indexed front and rear vents
  • Optically-correct shield with state-of-the art fog-free technology and anti-scratch hardened coating.
  • KwikWickII moisture-wicking helmet liner and cheek pads: Breathable, easily removable and washable.
  • SpeedView an internal retractable light smoke sun visor that eases eye strain instantly in varying light conditions without changing face shields

The Scorpion EXO 1100 Solid helmet comes with most of the standard features of the EXO 1100 line-up. It packs the inflatable cheek pad system on the interior which allows you to adjust the cheek padding of the helmet according to your needs.

For regular bikers, one of the best features in this helmet is the face shield which is not only fog-free but is also optically correct to give an undistorted view through it. Moreover, the face shield also has an anti-scratch coating enabling it to last a long while with no damage.

To add to it, an internal darkened visor further lets you shield your eyes from the sun without the need to alter the position of the faceshield. This additional visor is very useful if you driving with the sun directly in front of you.

Another redeeming feature of this helmet is that the internal lining and padding of the helmet can be easily removed and washed. Finally, the ventilation on this helmet is fairly good thanks to a whole plethora of vents and exhausts in it. In all, this is one of those EXO 1100 helmets which almost fall perfectly between being affordable and high quality.

Scorpion exo-1100 preciosa helmet

The Scorpion EXO-1100 Preciosa is the rather high-end model of the EXO-1100 line-up. This helmet carries a solid TCT Composite shell which is highly durable.

The interior packs the trademark Scorpion AirFit inflation system, allowing you to adjust the padding of the interior as per your needs. The helmet packs a faceshield which is anti-fog, anti-scratch and offers an optically correct view.

You can use the Speed-Shift quick-change system to rapidly adjust the position of the faceshield. Behind the standard faceshield, this helmet also packs a SpeedView sun visor which you can pull down or up as per your needs.

The visor is of a darker tint, so when driving in the sun you can pull it down without touching the faceshield. The interior lining of the helmet using Scorpion’s proprietary KwikWick 2 anti-microbial material.
This lining can also be removed and washed whenever you feel the need to do so. One of the most redeeming features of this helmet is its outlook which packs high-quality graphics and a very attractive overall color scheme.


The scorpion Exo 1100 line-up packs some of the best helmets offered by Scorpion. The line-up features many models, ranging from price tags as little to as high.

All EXO-1100 models come with a top-quality faceshield, an additional internal visor and adjustable interior padding. Moreover, all Exo-1100 are designed to be incredibly quiet so that you hear little to no noise of the wind when using these helmets.

These features make Exo 1100 helmets highly preferable for virtually any biker who is looking for good quality in a moderate budget. There may be better helmets than EXO 1100 but they are typically a lot more expensive.

In the price bracket which the Exo 1100 helmets carry, they are virtually one of the best options for any biker. In all, the shape, size, outlook and the faceshield are all features which are far superior in quality in the Exo 1100 helmets when compared to most other helmets in the same price range.

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