Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet Review

Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is not accessory to wear while mowing the lawn but also. Have you ever ever been searching for the ideal mix of relaxation and style however, one have not been helped by any number of research ? Would you crave the helmet which leaves a method statement and affirms your face?

Subsequently a Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet could be the best alternative for you personally if the response to those questions is an unequivocal yes! Check price here.

This helmet that is magnificent is less than that which it elevates. It's a timeless design. You would adore the vibe particular helmet brings furthermore to ensuring comfort and safety. The color contributes to its allure and also the buyers get to select from neon black and neon yellow for color decisions.

The helmet includes a aerodynamic casing which ensures it sits on your mind and also cuts the end. The material creates the helmet light weight whilst wearing it and you also will not feel some tension. The cloth is lasting in temperament that helps make the helmet.

The EXO-CT220 is a lot more than simply any oldschool helmet. The face protector is extendable, built to decrease shield and turbulence . Another feature is the flip visor that offers relaxation and security along with a killer combo!


The Top Features To Look Out For

SpeedView Sun Visor

Even the EXO-CT220 includes a SpeedView sun visor that alter and can proceed its own rankings using a searchable reverse of a turn. It's geared toward the only purpose security and relaxation. Today it's efficient and effortless to guard yourself to dust and the smoke. You are effectively safeguarded by this SpeedView sun-visor and creates a style statement.

Additionally, the sun-visor (shield) boils lower in relation to one different helmets, and it is definitely an extra incentive since it doesn't irritate you and ensures an exhaustive atmosphere venting all through, efficiently providing you a wind-in-the-face sensation.

EverClear No-Fog Face Shield

The EverClear No-Fog Face Shield is a condition of the art addition to this CT220. It's an defense with a hard, robust and the fog shield technology with UV protection and solid covering to ensure protection against injuries and injuries. Additionally, it boasts of an coating which increases life and the shine span of one's helmet, so which makes certain it remains glistening and fresh for ever.

This protector is extendable in span and can be configured in a sense which it is easy to switch to get some wind between your face guard and also the sunvisor to shield yourself.

KwikWick II Liner Fabric

KwikWick II Liner Fabric can be an fabric that supplies you with a dry and trendy knowledge in warm weathers or summers and is washable. It brings a warmth in temperaturesmodifying in line with the conditions.

You bathe it to make certain that it's clean and nice for the next ride and can get rid of the Liner!


KwikFit could be the cheek pads which allow with no debilitating or awkwardness thoughts lumps. You can wear colors or glasses, and also they are accommodated by the kwikfit .

Protection is also offered by the cheek pads to a own face regarding an injury along with advantage and relaxation.

Higher Level Dual-Density EPS

EPS may be the foam that's utilised in the manufacture with this helmet that's lighter and lighter in influences that are lighter and hard . Plus, the dual-density allows to get a searchable air venting.

DOT Approved

DOT sets the security standard so as to guarantee the security of the passenger which each helmet has to match. This helmet is DOT approved. The helmet ensures safety standard awarded added venting, its material, and padding. You can't need to be concerned about the children' safety.

Customer Reviews

As stated by a number of the clients who bought this helmet, it's worth "bragging" about as a result of its incredible idea, much better features, and purposeful upgrades. More of these consumers report they have had it for months plus which it holds. It isn't overly tight, seems great and is composed of superior quality.

A couple of clients complained of a wobble, however overall, were delighted about the solution and termed it adequate as well as light weight.

Enhance durable character and this the price, and we've got a success!

Bottom Line

Every Thing concerning the Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet yells Design and elegance. Add relaxation to the particular helmet and the mixturebecomes a fantastic investment for those bikers. Moreover, it's never and reviews .

Deciding on a helmet your self was not that easy! Even the CT220 is designed to deal with all sorts of vehicles and is definitely an all rounder. A in a reasonable price!

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