Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System Review

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

The Sena 10C-01 may be the communication system which unites a bluetooth camera in 1 cable! You shouldn't be shocked if you receive the feel of a CIA representative lay out with all the duty of reporting every curve of the trail for a assignment ! Check price here.

It is a film-making apparatus a traveling enthusiast could have to make vlogs and purposes with the outstanding characteristics that it includes.

The helmer idea is that made by Sena's worldwide bluetooth direction, together with a camera for just about any use into much more and motor sports.

It's bluetooth 4.0 technology for several of your wireless controllers plus it turns out to be disturbance smooth and free so much because the connectivity is worried.

Sena 10C-01

The camera features a number of video styles and photo styles. The manners that are still comprise features such as burst, single, and timelapse. The manners, alternatively, comprise many combinations of frames and resolution pixels each minute for example as much more plus 1080p:30 fps.

Additionally, it can be used throughout adverse weather conditions including rain and wind. It has secured with likelihood of detachment with the helmet at any point intime. It's waterproof and will be used in to use.

Salient Features Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera

Let us examine a few of the features that company maintains the unit is designed with.


The bluetooth 4.0 technology eases the majority of the features within the apparatus anyhow the recording area. The apparatus can be on the telephone and the speaker configurations can be controlled using bluetooth connection.

The good quality of sound is not superior but is adequate for appreciating the music. The telephone calls can be answered and you can talk with the assistance of the intercom to your widow. The sound quality of even the intercom works over a mile's assortment and is fair. The scope is appropriate only once the ambiance is terrain that is spacious.

Operations and Functionalities

The jog dial to the gadget is somewhat small. It's plenty of buttons along with some button press on patterns for using dial and changing songs. The run dial appears to be somewhat uncomfortable rotate and to reach feel.

For dial up to work you've got to use hands on. Hands with gloves have a tendency to the touch more than 1 button in a time rendering it hard to work with.


The camera is capable of recording namely 1080p:30fps three resolutions, 720:60fps and 720:30fps. Is stored in MOV format. This arrangement is perhaps not every such as AVI or MP4 and the only real kind. It's a time format that's fine but will not bring that comparison of a difference.

It needs to be equipped for the function of recording as it generally does not have some memory that is . The flash firmware is indicated to be upgraded if and as directed.

The standard of at all resolutions, video and image, isn't as much as this mark not surprisingly. It pixelated with plenty of aliasing and is regarded as fuzzy occasionally. The speed for different settlements are constricted into some limitation such as 1080p @ 30fps is bound by 12 Mbits/sec, 720p @ 60fps is 8.6 Mbits/sec and 720 @ 30fps is just 7 Mbits/sec. The limitation can not be corrected and demonstrates to be considered a restriction within this gadget.

You have the choice to decide on when recording the video, what sound to capture; you could select from intercom conversations, music radio or calls to become merged with your own video.

Customer Reviews Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera

A whole lot of clients complained regarding the lens. The items close to the border of the video look somewhat twisted.

Some had an problem with the standard of the video time. It's darker in comparison to competitions on the marketplace. Heavy lighting sources like traffic lights, streetlights etc.. emit large starburst from the listed video.

The sound is saved in mono 32 kHz despite being sold since HD apparatus, regardless of what resolution that the video was recorded . It's really a issue of applications settings.


  • If you're completely fed up with the camera mounts which can be mounted on the cover of the 23, it's a superb option.
  • A very low profile helmet camera solution is provided by the system rather than experiencing antler or an excess limb towards the surface of one's mind.
  • The bluetooth supports communicating between passengers at the kind of intercom connection is effective smoothly over the assortment of 1.6 km (approximately 1 mile).
  • The plan of this device's human body is a design also it's been ensured it shouldn't be a combo of lots of parts.
  • Your system is water business upgradeable resistant and instinctive with voice moves.


  • You will feel some interruptions or at the regions where we now have plenty of narrow and infrastructure paths. It works great in open terrain.
  • You will feel some interruptions or at the regions where we now have plenty of narrow and infrastructure paths. It works great in open terrain.
  • The part that was tiny constructed system is likely to jerks experienced onto a terrain.


Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System is more acceptable for newbies that would like to check bike rides . It must go way until it starts competing with all the apparatus that are skilled dominating industry.

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