Live a safer life, for a better tomorrow. Biking is one sport that interest’s boys all around the world. For them biking is everything. Biking sure gives everyone an adrenaline rush. Speed is thrilling for everyone. Bikers should be concerned about their safety. Safety is something that should be taken seriously. Here come the biking gears such as helmets, knee pads etc. into the picture. Shoei RF-1200 helmets are a go-to option for every rider.

​​As the year goes on, Shoei goes on introducing different models of helmets. The latest version Shoei RF-1200, provides for advanced developments, being lighter and compact. Its the more of a streamlined helmet, fir for a uniquely shaped head. The helmet provides for a high-end sporting adventure and reduces the wind noise. It increases the aerodynamic stability and the ventilation.

​Shoei RF-1200 helmet has a lower half made up of a softer fabric. The upper half of the helmet is way too perforated, sturdy and has got a wearing material. The helmet has got stunning graphics including the metallic finish of the painted helmets. The smaller size of the helmet is beneficial having an aerodynamic footprint, increased stability and far better looks in consideration of any other helmet in the biking industry.​ 

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Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Large, Matte Black)
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Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Large, Matte Black)
  • Around every corner is a brand new adventure, and with that comes the uncontrollable desire to push the limits while exploring the exciting unknown.
  • At SHOEI, they know that feeling quite well, which is precisely why they never stop pushing progression within their line of premium motorcycle helmets.
  • Enter the all-new RF-1200.
  • With a world-class team of designers and engineers leading the charge, SHOEI utilized its 55-year wealth of knowledge, state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility, proprietary materials, and the industry's most stringent quality assurance practices to develop t
  • A lighter, more compact, streamlined helmet with next-level functionality, SHOEI's RF-1200 has evolved the pursuit of perfection to an all-new level.Compact - Lightweight - Aerodynamic Design: The state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility at SHOEI's Ibaraki f
  • Shoei RF-1200 helmets have got an outstanding feature to look out for. The helmet provides for on stock sale of these helmets and makes it a product, that is sure to grab the attention of the consumers.
  • The over standing quality of the helmet and the compact size provides for a superb product.
  • The liner of the helmet is plush and comfortable. The enhanced impact absorption with the added EPS.
  • It has a got a fully adjustable and removable 3D Max-Dry Interior system. Its easily washable and replaceable.
  • The helmet has got a thick eye port gasket which doesn't blur the vision.
  • The cheek pads and large chin curtains add to the rider experience.
  • In order to provide a rider with a super dry experience, the vents are provided in such a manner that the water seals out.
  • The side perimeters do not intrude with the peripheral vision of the rider.


Shoei RF-1200 helmets have got some added advantage which makes it a perfect steal for the consumers. The further pointer makes it a perfect buy which is as followed:

  • There is wind tunnel present in the helmet which keeps a perfect balance between the airflow and the silence required for a rider.
  • It has got 4 air intakes and 4 exhaust outlets. Further, its uniquely shaped and perfectly fits the head of the biker.
  • The shield of the helmet has got a perfect casing along with a patented spring which helps out in the case of winds. This even makes the helmet waterproof.
  • The shield of the helmet provides 99% protection from the damaging UV rays.
  • The shell shape has astounded the customers providing them with a unique yet outstanding and a modern day look.
  • It is one of the lightest and the most compact helmet and thus provides for an internal sun visor.
  • In order to make it superficially advanced there is provision for Bluetooth and a radio antenna. The helmet has got a larger neck roll that is even more comfortable and a chin curtain.



​The vents provided in the helmet has got outlets which are the brow vent, center and forehead vent. The vents are uniquely shaped in a manner that it helps to take the advantage of the negative pressure suction. It has a got a lower vent that provides for a vent shutter along with the reading gloves.

The 3 upper air vents provide for optimal air intake that does not prove to be a disturbance for the rider. The 4 appropriately positioned upper-level exhaust vents have further improved the negative air pressure suction. This further enhances the intake of cool air and flowing away hot air.

Shoei RF-1200 provides for a chin air vent which works beautifully as no amount of air is vented directly. They have further added 6 new holes to improvise the ventilation system in this series of helmets along with an EPS system.​



​The Shoei RF-1200 helmet provides for a uniquely designed shell casing with an extremely outstanding quality. The quality calls out at the consumers to purchase their helmets and give it a try. The shell size of the helmet comes in perfectly fitted four helmet shell sizes. This is like a cherry on top for the consumers, as they will be able to fit the helmet even more proportionally and perfectly. The shell casing of the helmet has got an added advantage of no flex design that provides for extra fit and comfort. The extra stiffness and the no flex feature of the helmet make it a perfect sturdy helmet to be used by the consumers.

The shell casing of the helmet perfectly fits the safety standards provided by the U.S. government. The perfect fit and finish of the helmet make it a perfect example of a helmet of an amazing quality.​

​Also comes in pink!  Click here for more details.



​The face shield provided in the Shoei RF-1200 calls for its sturdiness and rigidity. It holds the helmet well and is appropriately fitted. It gives the helmet a classy look. The Shoei RF-1200 series of helmets has been improvised by giving a new QR base system to the helmet. This helps the shield to be well fitted and be there in the right place along with the new eye-port.

The face shield has been provided with a defogging system, to provide utmost convenience to its consumers even in extreme weather conditions.

In order to snap open the face shield, there is the provision of newly designed locks. Once the shield is open, there the presence of 8 detents can be witnessed. These detents call for no flex property and the rigidity required for a tough helmet.

​The eye port gasket provided in the helmet is pretty thick and is surrounded well so that it seals out the water in the helmet.

The face shield is molded in a way, that it is rounded in the corners. This feature makes it pretty easy for the consumer to lift the helmet.​


​The ubiquitous helmet developed by Shoei provides for an upfront amazing comfort experience. The shell casing provided by them makes it all the sturdier and stiff. The lower vents and the upper vents are made up of fabric that provides the consumer for cushioning comfort. The no flex shell does make it an amazing buy.


The manual instructions suggest the consumer the following tips:

  • The helmet should not be too tight or too loose. It should fit the consumer perfectly so that it does not affect the peripheral vision of the consumer.
  • The chin curtain is to be installed in the gap given in front of the helmet given between a shell and a liner.
  • A shield visor needs to be adjusted perfectly and it should be seeming that it is not too tight to fit. In order to adjust the shield visor, it is to be rotated.
  • The washable snaps are to be safely removed and adjusted accordingly. The washing can be either done by hand or in a washing machine. The washing is to be done gently.
  • One should always wear cheek pads and chin straps to avoid any kind of injury and that too appropriately.


​​Shoei RF-1200 helmets are carving a niche in the motor biking industry. The consumer is perfectly happy with the purchase of these helmets, giving them an ultimate security option. The outstanding quality and the no flex shell casing makes it a sturdy helmet. Thus, this makes the helmet a perfect buy for the consumers.

  1. The chin pads and cheek strap provides them with high-level comfort.
  2. It provides a no obstruction peripheral vision that does not obstruct the rider while riding, making it an A+ product.
  3. The ventilation has been rated as excellent by the consumers provided in the helmet. Its further improvised by giving 6 holes and an EPS system.

​Overall the consumers have given this product an excellent and outstanding score of 5, to be a buy that makes it worth.


​In a crux, Shoei RF-1200 helmet is a perfect product to fit all the needs of the buyer and providing them with outstanding comfort. The consumers are readily happy with this product, making it a show stopper in the biking industry. Safety has been stylishly presented to the consumers. The sturdiness of the helmet can be interpreted from the shield casing and the shell of the helmet. Go grab on these helmets, shell out those bucks and experience the thrill of biking along with safety.

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