The Best Helmet Available In The Market: Skull Motorcycle Helmets

Skull Motorcycle Helmets

How fantastic it feels to kick the world behind and leave on your motorcycle for a ride to some destination. Surely, this sounds great, but safety is what we forget generally. So it’s better to have a helmet was worn which gives you a cool look thus ensuring your safety. There are wide varieties of biking helmets available in the market each coming with a distinct feature, you can choose anyone of among them as per your requirements.

The skull skeleton style of helmet is trending in the market nowadays. These helmets are beautifully designed in the shape of the skull, and one wearing them gets a Skelton face look.

Dale Earnhardt Jr National Guard (Skull) Signed Full Size Helmet
  • Safety ensured: The skull helmets are designed such that they give a proper covering to your face, head and skull.
  • Quieter: These helmets are designed such that they give you a deafening effect from the sounds of wind when you ride at a high speed and still you are able to hear the sound of vehicles around. This lets you have a quitter ride.
  • Whether protection: These helmets are durable enough to protect you against the harsh sunrays, rain, extreme wind and storm.
  • Trendy visors enabled: The skull helmets comes equipped with trendy visors which gives you a clear view and protect you from dust particles and also gives a cool look to your face.
  • Super comfort: the skull helmets are extremely comfortable and relax your jaw and neck area without generating any pain or stiffness.

Ventilation Skull Motorcycle Helmet​

​As most of the skull helmets are full shaped and are designed to give full cover protection to your face and head. Most of these helmets come with an integrated ventilation system, like a number of vents are placed at a different location to ensure the airflow. Some helmets come with flush vents which are used to release the excess air and moisture accumulated within to release it out. In addition to that, there are wide channels present everywhere to ensure the airflow. 

The best part of these skull helmets are that all of its vents are adjustable. Most of the vents are situated near the chin area, one on the shell’s upper part and one at the rear extractor. The dynamic ventilation system allows users to enjoy long rides without feeling hot or suffocated.

​​Shell Design And Quality Comfort Skull Motorcycle Helmet​

Most of the skull helmets shell is designed to fit the head of S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The small size comes in a range of 54-56 cm, medium in 56-58 cm, large in 58-60 cm, XL in 60-62 cm and XXL in 62-64 cm in length. Most of the material used is of the custom type usually ABS shell which are airbrush painted and are polished well to give a long lasting glossy look. The outer shell is aerodynamic and uses EIRT technology.

The inner shell is designed with Multi density EPS system which makes them sound, wind and water resistant. The EPS padding is lined up with velveteen which is anti-allergic. The abs shell makes the helmet weight as light as 800 grams. There is a soft cushion lining at the rear of the helmet which acts as a shock absorber in case of an accident.

Types of Skull Motorcycle Helmet​

​​There is a huge variety of skull motorcycle helmet available in the market. Among them some of the top helmets are listed below.

Skull Motorcycle Helmet
  • ​Full Face Skull Helmets: These helmets are designed to give a full face cover. The SHOEI’s solid quest is one among them. They come with the aerodynamic feature, EPS lining, air spoilers, cheek pads and visors.
  • ​Modular Skull Helmets: They are a hybrid set of motorcycle helmets which is a combination of full and open face helmet. The come with adjustable chin bars, which can be operated using the button. It comes with comfort and allows to have easy communication.
  • Half Skull Helmets: Unlike the full face helmets these are half in size having a skull cap design and are extremely light in weight, gives good visibility but they give less protection.​
  • The Motocross Skull Helmet: They are the most unique in terms of style and look and used by racers. The sun visors are long in length, with extended chin protection. The only thing with these kind of skull helmets is that they don’t contain face shield.​
  • GLX Silver Skull Helmet: This is another type of scull helmet which is an open face. It comes with a breathable fabric, screw-on visors, smoke shield, and removable liner.​
  • Ghost Gold Full Face Helmet: This is a handmade helmet made of ABS shell material, it comes with a skull relief model, giving chin strap support. The eye section of the helmet has lenses to cover from dust and the wind and makes it water resistant too.​
  • ​Blue Evils Hell Helmet: this helmet comes blue in color and has horns over it. The material used is ABS shell and is metallic blue in color, weighting up to 850 grams.

Manual Instructions Skull Motorcycl​ Helmet​

  1. ​The below points will help you in understanding what purpose your helmet serves, the type that will suit you and how to maintain your helmet intact.
  2. The basic purpose the helmet should serve is it should protect your head. The outer part should be made of a thick shell which is durable. This shell is usually made of materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber or plastics.
  3. Then comes an absorbing linear and comfort pad with a cushioned interior near the forehead section to give you safety and comfort.
  4. The face shield is used to guard your face and eyes against dust and pollution and give you a clear vision while driving.
  5. There is additional face protection near the cheek area along with a retention system. The chin strap has a pair of rings to fix the helmet so that it won’t come out during the accident.
  6. Before buying the helmet user must check its year of manufacturing, brand, as it decides the quality.
  7. Then the rider’s style should be kept in mind i.e. if it is to be used for adventure touring, ATV, cruiser, street biking or sports biking. Once the style is decided then go for the model number of your choice.


  • Protects from deadly head injuries: Use of helmet reduces the risk of getting injuries in case of an accident. As the head is the most delicate part of a person’s head, and any injury at that part causes instant death thus, protecting head is very important.
  • Gives whether protection: When riding at a higher speed the wind generates loud sound in the range of 100 decibels or more. A person cannot hear if the sound goes beyond 65 decibels. So wearing helmet protects the user from such high intensity of sound and also from the dust and rain and also from the direct UV rays coming from the sun.
  • Enhances Clear Visibility: As large number of accidents occur on the highway at night time due to poor visibility of rider. Wearing helmets with reflective trips can make you more visible to drivers. Also wearing of helmet helps riders to keep their hair from coming on their face and eyes while driving.
  • Helps you in becoming a good citizen as the government has made a law that every motorcycle rider should wear a helmet while riding.

​Customer Reviews and Scores

​​Who well understands a product than the one who purchased it? That’s right going through the reviews before buying a product is an ideal practice. Any helmet you purchase must be DOT, ECE or Shell approved as they are the highest safety rating given to any motorcycle helmet. Some rating are given by the law basically country, state and city wise. Whereas some are given from third party organizations.

​DOT standard is given by US government. In Australia it is AUS 1698-2006, while Europe has ECE 22.05 and BSI is in the UK. Third party organizations have their own standards and get certification once they pass all the tests. Snell and Sharp come under the third party certification. Before choosing a helmet some questions need to be answered.​

​What kind of ride is done using it?

​​If you are cruising or touring on bike for hours , honing on race street a different set of optimizations need to be followed in case of helmet choice. For touring and sound insulation must be the key focus. For a sport-bike great aerodynamic profile is preferred.

​Experience level of rider

​​Before buying helmet experience of riding needs to be counted. If you are a beginner than there is no point in investing the high amount in getting a racer helmet. So your equipment should match your experience level. So focus on a basic type of helmet which gives safety and comfort.

​Kind of riding done

​​Are you going to use your bike for commuting to work, or for riding on weekends, or you are planning for long distance rides, all these should be considered before buying a skull helmet.

​Get the sizing and material check done

​Choose a proper size of your helmet which completely fits your head and is comfortable. Also check the materials being used must be of good quality.


​​Overall the skull motorcycle helmets are rated well from the buyers and has become a fad among the youth because of its appealing looks which don't make it look like a helmet. But the safety is what which need to be focused more on.

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