Top 5 Smart Motorcycle Helmets to Keep You Alive and On the Road

Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Riding the bike is a thrilling experience! You are able to see right now the pure bliss you should have if you are riding that bike of yours with the rate stimulating you, the end on that person, and also the traffic it makes it possible to escape. Additionally, it appears to be cheaper!

There are just two sides to a coin. And, being much pleasure Riding the bike could function, it may likewise be both dangerous, and lots of occasions, fatal.

Intelligent Cranium Helmets

If you're riding motorbikes, or are thinking about starting shortly, then you got to be aware that wearing a helmet whilst riding is of extreme value to shield your self from harms and fatal accidents.

The mind injury could be your hardest experience to recoup from. You may possibly get off with a small scrape in the human entire body, but matters become complicated if the mind becomes involved. That's the reason why wearing a helmet is required once you are riding your motorcycle, as soon as it has to do with protecting the absolute most significant part one's entire body, nothing less than the very best can do!

Why Intelligent Cranium Helmets?

We are aware is the matter happening in mind and we are going to let you know the reason why. With technology controlling every single every element of our own lives, why should travel be left outside?

There's not anything much better than using a helmet which, rather than generating the wearer feel suffocated, makes him be conscious of their surroundings and also choose the biking experience to another level. That's just what Intelligent Cranium helmets perform reevaluate your biking experience. Intelligent Cranium can be an innovative technology based company that works to create an even far more technologically complex atmosphere on earth of helmets.

Advantages of Intelligent Cranium

To start with, you can find myriad advantages! And due to the, you'll need to pay for a fantastic price due to their own helmets! But you're becoming a lot more than what you are payingfor!

These helmets have virtually every feature you may consider exemplary venting, light weight, fantastic fit, and also an unobstructed field of opinion so you will take your bike to long rides without even fretting about the pain or stress. In reality, the organization is inventing a stateoftheart tech helmet, the iC R, which may alter the entire world of helmets.

IC – R, The Smart Helmet

This is really a helmet with a modern design with a few hightech capabilities! It integrates loony technology to provide you with a helmet that's blue tooth communicating and mobile connectivity, light emitting diode screens, and back facing cameras.

That is where it ends -- it's sound control, collision warning, and also certainly will make it self darker by the easy touch of a button.

These features aren't there only for the hell of it but can even make a bid to safeguard the rider and also offer him an improved experience and security. Let us analyze the qualities with the stunning creature.

The Never Ending Field of View

In the event you are the technology enthusiast, that enjoys to work well with topnotch equipment, this helmet is right for you. It may be yours for about $ 1400. This helmet includes none but two back cameras that offer the rider a 210-degree perspective of their surroundings, thus there's zero demand for its rider to take his eyes away from the street. In reality, these features expel any potential blind stains completely.

It's possible to alter the display to learn more about traffic upgrades, pick your music, and also take a good peek at the extra passenger up to speed. There are additional "smart helmets" offering to present several features which help them label their helmets because "smart," nevertheless, there aren't a lot of helmets such as the iC R, providing you back views similar to that one can.

Notification Lighting

This really is among the greatest features of this iC R. This is definitely an inside telling lighting which includes two LED lights in crimson and earthy color that light if any car arrives too close to comfort, thereby warning the riders using a potential collusion and helping to make decisions so.

This light approach works in conjunction with a caution noise and/or vibration system that's made in to the helmet. When an automobile comes inside a radius of 420 feet, then the amber light begins blinking after every two-second period. So when a car moves over 240 foot, the reddish light, meaning danger, will float following each 2nd to frighten the rider of this imminent threat.


This helmet resembles some thing that's directly from a tech-friendly super hero book. Black in colour and glossy in design, the outstanding appearance and texture with this helmet are still yet another bonus inside this already incredible helmet!

Other Capabilities

The helmet is stuffed with a lot of different features such as with a solar power installed in addition to help with charging electronics and also an "E-tint" which makes it possible to tint your visors and also make sure they are dim in the image of a button. Additionally, it will come with a SDK hardware which promises to create cooler and better programs later on.

Last Verdict​

The helmet is all going to get started soon, and also we understand it'll change how the world reaches helmets. It isn't simply a thick, bulky bit of vinyl, conserving your skull crashes, but is presently a masterpiece of design that integrates the very best of what technology is offering to boost your perspective also to alter how that you ride your own bike.

If you're considering watching this particular helmet develop in reality, the business has a financing page on Indiegogo, at which curious investors may proceed and finance this specific bit of beauty! Therefore, if you're sitting infront of one's notebook, wondering how it'd feel to place up this helmet and then ride your bicycle, then go and get your little now!

2. Livemap Motorcycle Helmet

We realize you are all safe and responsible bikers and avoid riding a bike if you're not wearing a helmet. However, who'd want to don such enormous, muddy and heavy boxes onto their various minds when they all would like to do is like their own experience! We understand helmets might be quite awful, despite the fact that they're of extreme value to bikers along with their own passengers.

Having your mind unprotected whilst mowing the lawn is similar to leaving an egg to the boundary of this desk. There are quite substantial probability of this egg dropping off the dining table and breaking available. Do you would like the exact same to occur on your skull?

No, right? We thought, too. That's the reason why, for the umpteenth time, then wear a helmet whenever you choose to choose your bike to get a ride.

The Transformation of Common Helmets

At this time, there is a helmet and also a wise helmet. Like most of your smart and smartphones gadgets, you'll be delighted to recognize that tech has already discovered that the "smart helmet" which assist you to boost your own biking experience.

And also these helmets are too great to resist. You'd absolutely want to placed up a single until you can get in your own bike. It may seem too good to be correct, however, believe, these wise helmets are now able to actually be yours!

The Livemap Moto Helmet

Even the Livemap Moto helmet is really a "smart helmet" that really is a helmet having an powerful navigation tool which produces the conventional way of surfing using a physical map hand, simple. Afterall, stopping at fixed intervals and assessing if you should be on the ideal path or not may be frustrating and annoying.

The team supporting Livemap Moto helmets also have worked hard with dedication and determination to create for you smart helmets which can be built with systems through which the graphics are projected onto the visors, also utilize ear-phones and voice controllers to help keep the driver's hands and supply a lot of different capabilities.

Top Features of Livemap Moto Helmet

​This wise helmet is stuffed with beneficial capabilities! Only take a peek:

  • ​​Light detectors which help correct brightness in line with the outside lighting accessibility.
  • 3000 MAH batteries to get a longer lifetime.
  • Easy and userfriendly navigation procedure.
  • Earphones and microphones for voice control.
  • Simple tracking of head-movement may help correct the display appropriately employing the electronic compass.

Form and Size

Despite being a modular helmet using high-tech technologies, this helmet will probably be somewhat simple touse. And though the very first helmets were lighter and bigger in size, their continuous studies have helped them today to package in most of the features within a helmet that's ordinary in size with all the typical appearance and texture.

These helmets have easy accreditation over the recommended helmet weight plus exemplary anti inflammatory components, which makes them better to use and wear.

Field of View

Livemap knows the field of opinion is highly crucial and contains manufactured the helmet which does not block your opinion whatsoever in any way. In reality, with the projected graphics to the visors being magnificent, it's demanding for your rider to actually miss watching some thing.


These helmets might be packaged with fresh options and technology, but it does not mean that they are not userfriendly. In reality, it's slick and quite straightforward.

The voice commands are somewhat short and simple to comprehend. Help that the riders may possibly require is only a word off. He must do is mention "Support," and the crucial directions will follow along.

Additional Specifications

Additional Specifications

This "smart helmet" is anticipated to consider 1.4 kgs, and also the company hasn't countered along with choices in addition to the form of this helmet. The navigation channels will probably soon be pre-loaded, thus you're spared in the frustration of downloading them to your self. Nevertheless, the channels can be upgraded on an everyday basis.

Even though Internet wont have to reveal to you different avenues, you'll want it to get almost any upgrades regarding weather fluctuations and traffic details. If it comes to light, the helmet can display your image in a sense in order to dazzle your own eyes. The light will adapt itself in accordance with the current weather out. Therefore throughout fog and rains, the image will soon jazz to get a better perspective, and on bright days, it'll likely be soft enough for the delicate eyes.

What Exactly Is Happening Right Now?

Livemap has produce a futuristic helmet program and design that's the aid of numerous significant businesses from across the Earth, such as Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Enterprise, '' Skolkovo Foundation, Russian Ministry of Science, and lots of more. With the capital that the business has increased, they've made several regions of the helmet that will help them put them together to produce their fantasy possible.

Prospective Targets

All the capital that the business increases is likely to be spent in bringing this apparel to presence along with all of the characteristics that the founders wanted it to own in the first location. Investors don't need to be worried about their own wages being wrongly employed for the relaxation of their direction. They are going to soon be receiving timely upgrades and reports of advancement.

The business has undertaken a very long journey to focus with this helmet, plus so they have been near making their own fantasies become a reality. They aim to:

  • ​​finish the design of this optics and electronic equipment.
  • ​Possess a appropriate pc software system inplace for your own helmet.
  • Carry the last-stage evaluations and receive the essential certificate for protection criteria.

With Regards to the certificate, they anticipate the next criteria to be fulfilled:

  1. ​USA DOT
  2. European ECE 22.05
  3. Western JIS 8133
  4. FCC

In a Few Words

Once every so often, an organization includes some thing which may alter how in which the entire world works, and also from the wide world of motorbikes, this radical helmet is going to have precisely the very same effect. Kudos into Livemap for picking out this idea and working tirelessly to ensure it is a real possibility. This helmet will certainly be considered a wondrous creation.

3. Reevu Smart Helmets

Reevu Smart Helmets

The sphere of smart helmets is quite fascinating. The planet used to think about helmets because of boring, however compulsory accessory as it pertains into riding your motorbike. Riders loved 'denying' putting in their helmets since it had been thick and nasty to check at. But with the arrival of technology and science, we're seeing a brighter version of this helmet that is dull that's truly changed how the world sees with helmets!

Let us not forget that which the major role of a helmet will be protecting probably the most significant part one's own body, your own face. For those who have the difficulty to being in a injury whilst riding your bicycle, then you may possibly get off with a few bruises here and there, but things become dangerous, or even fatal, even once the mind becomes entailed.

One other concussion, internal bleeding, and also other issues in the vicinity of your skull are enough to secure you hospitalized for quite a while. And it's best to be safe than sorry. Therefore yes, those boring helmets tend to be more crucial than you probably think.

Nevertheless, the fantastic news is the fact that the helmet isn't boring anymore! In reality, the wise helmets tend to be somewhat more as a attachment that Iron-man could utilize while he moves about rescuing the whole world. Wise helmets arrive full of refreshing and unbelievable qualities which are certain to get you hooked for them.

The second time you can get in your own bike, you may forget your pocket and mobile phone, however you wont leave that helmet. You will end up much inlove with it!

Reevu Smart Motorcycle Helmet

With your rivalry in the realm of 'smart helmets' stepping upward and also the opponents atmosphere heat, invention has now reached its summit. In this type of global, Reevu was building a fantastic name for itself by putting new benchmarks in fabricating helmets that are smart. Why is Reevu therefore special, you might ask?

Well, it's since the Reevu smart helmet could be the very first helmet with a back view mirror approach. In reality, despite the rear view mirror, the Reevu helmet is greatly adored due to the premium excellent finish and comfy match.

History of this MSX1


The Reevu MSX1 helmet extends quite a distance to 2005. It turned out to be a fantastic helmet and critics were so impressed with that. But, 1 flaw was that leading section of the rear view mirror wouldn't be able to be corrected. Slowly, the business faded into oblivion and had a site that has been inaccessible for a little while.

Although the entire planet was believing that Reevu had stopped even before it might have a suitable beginning, that the Reevu Team was working wholeheartedly and dedicatedly to enhance this particular helmet.

Plus so they did not break until they had it directly. They returned with the brand new and advanced version of this MSX1 the world fell inlove with. With the back perspective system rendering it more different, there were still a few different developments -- that the inner lining was thicker and completely removable, plus it had cheek pads which can possibly be corrected and removed to create it a more custom made fit for different head shapes. It was a fact that minus the mirror machine, the helmet could do a fantastic job from the marketplace as the manufacturers hadn't jeopardized to one thing, directly out of the standard of substances used into the fit and finish of their MSX1.

The Rear View Mirror System

This feature must be discussed. The way the system operates remains cryptic, but features a group of obliquely set mirrors. At the back end of this helmet, there's a big covered mirror. It's enough transparency to do the job well, although it makes things easier through the nighttime by muting the amazing effect of these headlights.

A mirrored poly carbonate surface is therein front which includes a viewing monitor size of 87mm long and 17mm high. That you never need to think about batteries since it will not utilize them.

Air Flow and Ventilation

As the manufacturers had been busy installing the rear view mirror machine, they've worked hard to keep a normal degree of venting. That you never need to be concerned about dust particles as well as other minute particles affecting the working of their rear view mirror.

There are just two exhaust vents on either the faces of the mirrored poly-carbonate at the back end of this helmet. The atmosphere venting, over all, is average to unhealthy, and up to now, users have reported some issues in sexy, sultry weather states.

Sound Degrees and Weight

The helmet includes smaller vents and also a smoother contour which help minimize the noise levels. The helmet indicates faster than ordinary effects in lots of evaluations. The cushioning inside together side the ear pockets additionally reduce noise levels and help make a far better fit at once.

The greatest size (XL) of this MSX1 weighs 1839 g or 4 lbs. That will stick it about the aspect of helmets. It's clear that a large part of the weight stems from the back view mirror approach, but considering every thing the helmet comes with a fantastic fit and texture for this.

Other Capabilities

The chinstrap comes with a micro-adjusting type, plus it matches the majority of the basic safety standards while in the USA, the uk, Brazil and Europe. This wise helmet actually is a radical item.

Customer Verdict

Riders with the MSX1 are tremendously impressed with all the back view mirror system which helps them determine what's happening supporting them obstructing their opinion at any given time period. There haven't been any complaints regarding headaches and suffocation, even by people that usually suffer with these once they utilize a helmet for a few moment. They observed that the reduced sound-effect and might recommend this helmet with their loved ones members and friends.

4. FUSAR Smart Helmet

FUSAR Smart Helmet

The planet is presently being introduced into the notion of helmets that are smart. Gone would be the times when your main security on the motorbike has been that the dull and heavy helmet. The helmet remains, however at a better, more modern and also a brighter version.

The conventional motorcycle helmets are thick on the neck, so insufficient the ideal venting, and generally, additionally block the perspective of their riders.

The New Era of Helmets

But with the debut of smart helmets, riding your bicycles together with your helmets may be anything but boring. Together with the features why these wise helmets arrive filled together with, you'd not neglect to place up your helmet before you begin. You may fall that far inlove with it!

Besides assisting you together with your navigation and map, they're installed with voice projection and controls on your visors to provide you with a better perspective of one's own environment. And the very best part? These features (and much more) can be found from the helmet that's precisely the very same in size whilst the elderly ones. Thus, more features do not translate to some thicker and larger helmet!

Exactly why FUSAR?


We understand you are wondering why this! Why don't we clear your uncertainty immediately. FUSAR leads to the very best combination of technology and experience! They have confidence in improving your adventuresome biking journey with technology that is innovative. That's the reason it's an organization whose products are worth shopping for.

They package features within their own helmets which were previously considered hopeless by the remainder of the entire world. Even the FUSAR team can be very intent on the biking journey just like you personally and also do their very best to provide products which change how that you examine your motorbikes, for example helmets!

The Distinctive Facets of FUSAR

​There are far too many attributes Within the FUSAR smart helmets scope for people to place down them, but we will mention a few for youpersonally:

1. Crash detection feature
2. Black-box recorder
3. Blue tooth connection for much better controller
4. Highdefinition videos and photographs
5. Long-distance Communication
6. Emergency alarm systems
7. A method to monitor and document your own actions

These features will be irresistible and certainly will force you to fall deeply in love with your helmet the minute that you wear it. Afterall your helmet protects your mind; it's time and energy to demonstrate exactly the exact like for it.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Helmets!

That you never need to purchase a intelligent helmet. As an alternative, you may convert your older one in to a wise helmet by simply putting the principal component, that will be referred to since the Mohawk, which is very likely to utilize just about any helmet.

With only this part, you also may add an audio recorder, an navigation kit, also a communicating apparatus and a crisis alarm system onto your own helmet and you also obtain an activity camera which may do the job nicely in your own helmet if you put it to the side along with on the shirt.

And that is it, whatever you could want to possess could be your FUSAR program installed onto your smartphone and you're all set!

Easy Controls

FUSAR knows how frustrating it could be for its riders to elevate up their hands for their helmets to correct the camera or media buttons they can not see. Hence that the wrist and barbell mounted controllers enable one to easily utilize the camera based on your convenience.

Additionally you provide LEDs in distinct colors which may provide you continuous feedback that will assist you to understand exactly what you are doing.

Shoot and Share in Real Time!

It is possible to press on the button onto your wrist or barbell control to begin shooting images and also videos. They have readily synced and recorded with your own smartphone make it possible for easy sharing and viewing.

Do not miss out the opportunity to catch any one of those remarkable stunts or actions that you perform in your own bike. The FUSAR program includes a hot-shot feature. Everything that you must do is simply push on the 2 buttons onto your own wrist or barbell control to catch the previous 15 minutes of any activity and talk about it on societal networking -- in realtime!

By the moment you stop to get a peek at your own phone, your photos and videos are seen, enjoyed, and shared with all of your buddies!

Unbelievable Communication

Enrolling at an organization and want to speak to many pals? That is possible too!

FUSAR has implemented a cloud-based communication quality which allows around a dozen users to talk over virtually any space! The blue tooth headset out of FUSAR can certainly sync with i-OS along with Android apparatus.

Track Your Tasks Like Never Before

Yes! We have been so eager as you!

The FUSAR camera comes with detectors which assist you to track every second of one's own activities. The littlest details of one's ride spins, turns, and jumps will be monitored and well cared of. The black box recorder additionally keeps a full listing of their previous two minutes of sound, video, rate, as well as other vital information in the event of a collision.

Emergency Alert Systems

Once you are on the street, there's not any knowing that turn provides a nasty surprise. And, should you eventually participate in a crash, then the program has emergency alarm systems that'll alert and alert that the local assistance centres, since it maintains a listing of their emergency contact numbers.

After an accident is discovered, the FUSAR camera supplies a distress beacon, and also the cloud servers send a notification to emergency connections. Along side that, these folks also receive your precise location together side the telephone numbers of the nearest hospital.

Last Words

The entire world has beliefs in FUSAR and the technology-bike merger it intends to present to the remainder of the globe too! The business has strong impression in its own objectives, having its group of engineers and enthusiastic bikers, we are aware that FUSAR will flourish in achieving its objectives. Perhaps it's the devotion and devotion which the team has demonstrated that's helped FUSAR conduct an effective fund raising effort on Indiegogo.

5. Sena Cavalry Helmet

Even the Sena Cavalry Helmet is just one which we've reviewed previously, so let us review a few of high lights. Sena has become a pioneer in regards to manufacturing top-class helmets using inventions that are real.

They've produced helmets of distinct categories that are greatly popular with bicycle riders.

Sena Cavalry Helmet


Even the open-faced helmet is light weight and perfect for relaxation wear. Probably the most striking advantage could be that the blue tooth integration which accompanies the helmet. The top fiber glass of this helmet has been incorporated with the bluetooth wireless attributes. This minus the necessity for installing advanced routing cables.

While it's a half casing, still it's ventilated. Which usually means no stuffy atmosphere wearing this helmet! Additionally you acquire strong security characteristics which have the helmet.


The Sena Cavalry Helmet can be actually a exceptional helmet which is included with the revolutionary builtin blue tooth gadget. It's pre-wired blue tooth speakers, mic, and controllers that are seamlessly incorporated to the helmet.

It's the ideal fit for the majority of minds and prices roughly $350. It might be thought of a light weight helmet that you are able to have on all day.

Shell Design

Sena Cavalry Helmet provides you the relaxation and comfort of ceramic composite substance. The Sena Bluetooth Helmet comes with a solid shell layout that's much more aerodynamic.

The bluetooth controls have been incorporated smoothly indoors and at the build of this helmet, and also appear as integral pieces of the helmet.


The inner isn't really lavish, however it's quite comfortable. It keeps you dry in hot states, and you also may demonstrably not feel nostalgic since it's actually a half-shell helmet. The inside cushioning provides the helmet a more cozy fit and also keeps it set up. Your face additionally does not feel some pressure points on account of this comfortable cushioning.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

Probably the most striking quality of the Sena Cavalry Helmet is its own blue tooth integration. The bluetooth of this helmet will be 4.1. This really could be the most recent edition of bluetooth. This current variant aids the wearer to keep on with the conversation without any disturbance. Utilizing this Bluetooth variant, you are able to talk about any document along with different riders too.

While talking the specification, it's necessary to say that the speaker caliber. A crystalclear sound is exactly what this helmet produces. The speakers may also be rather loud that will make them ideal for use in areas with road or wind noise.

The headset of this helmet keeps the handsfree. You wouldn't need to use the hands to correct the helmet whilst building a telephone just about any further. Sound distribution feature will help you with quick sharing. The same holds for video too.

The blue tooth is strong enough to encourage no less than four passengers at the scope. It works till 900 meters array of space. The sound control characteristic of the helmet causes it straightforward to decrease noise. Because it's mentioned earlier in the day, with all the higher level technology, you also can subtract the sound of their end along with other gliding cars.

Certainly one of the greatest features of this helmet would be your builtin FM. Once you're moving across the street, it might perfectly provide you company.

Noise Reduction

The Sena helmets have been aimed by having an Intelligence sound Control system. It's noise cancelling head phones, also you may remain conscious of the noises in the road including sirens, car horns, and also your search own engine sound. The machine can test the noises received through the mike and block out the undesirable or unwanted noises.

It's possible to tune in to music, FM, or even speak to your friends readily with only a touch of a button. The end noise can also be somewhat paid down so you're able to continue to keep a decrease volume scope and operate well inside.

Different Factors for Consideration

The riders that have worn out the Sena Cavalry Helmet reported that if you're wearing a set of gloves, then controlling the buttons could eventually become difficult. Nevertheless, since you continue using the helmet and also the buttons, then you will get accustomed to them. As time passes, your hands will adapt to the switches, and you'll find these user friendly.

The helmet might be enriched using different Sena services and products too. You will purchase extra accessories and also utilize them together with your helmet to get matters more suitable.

Ear pads are all available, that you may buy together with the Cavalry helmet. You might even elect for head liners that Sena has generated particularly for your own bluetooth helmet.


You may look trendy and poised while procuring your solid biker look together with all the Cavalry helmet. In addition, it comes in numerous eye color colours. Riders have just pride to say whenever they've rated or reviewed that the Sena Cavalry Helmet. It really is 1 product by that you can't fail.

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