Vintage Motorcycle Helmets: The Old is the New Trend

vintage motorcycle helmets

​In the ordinary sense, vintage refers to a thing which is old. It generally refers to a style which was once very popular and which is now imitated by the fan of that style. In simple language, it can be said as the copying or imitation of an old fashion. Vintage motorcycle helmets also refer to old-fashioned helmets, which were worn in the past. These helmets seem to have a strong historical connotation and thus represent a definite era or period of time. Now a day wearing such helmets has become a fashion among the fashion conscious people, especially among the youngsters. These helmets imitate and represent the fashion of a definite era and thus very popular among the motorcyclists who have a craze for helmet collections.

vintage helmet

​For any motorcyclist, the helmet is one of the most essential and important things. Riding a classy motorcycle obviously needs a matching helmet too. Many motorcyclists seem to have a craze for vintage helmet collection. They even go to the extent of collecting a real vintage helmet for any price. But now a day, real vintage helmets are very rare and hence many people buy new and modern helmets having a touch of the vintage fashion.

The helmets which were used and worn during the Second World War are known as a vintage helmet. Before that period, helmets were not so popular and not even frequently used. But the war increased the need as well as the demand of the helmets. Now a day, there are many companies in the market which manufacture helmets with a touch of vintage style. These helmets are unique with their unique features. These features are:

  1. ​These vintage helmets look classy and stylish.
  2. Vintage helmets look very rough and hard from the outside, but very comfortable from the inside.
  3. These helmets come with certification from DOT, ECE, AS etc and hence are protective and can be trusted.
  4. The vintage German helmets come with goggles of high-quality leather.
  5. These vintage helmets are lightweight.

​The Benefit of Vintage Motorcycle Helmet:

Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

​Obviously, the first and foremost benefit of wearing a helmet is the safety. Apart from safety, another benefit of wearing a helmet is protection from, sun or dust. It covers eyes, nose, hair etc and hence provides protection to these. It protects eyes from the wind. Moreover wearing a vintage helmet looks very stylish, cool and classy.

​Ventilation In The Vintage Helmets:

Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

​The manufacturers of modern helmets with a touch of vintage look are very much conscious about the comfort of a rider and hence try to put every possible effort into making a helmet that allows air to come so that the rider’s scalp can breathe well. Among another vintage helmet, Shoei RJ-Platinum R is the best example of Vintage helmet having a good provision of ventilation. So now a day, wearing any modern version of a helmet having all the vintage style and qualities is safe as well as comfortable, as many of these are available with the modern and updated ventilation system.

​Shell Design And Quality​​ Vintage Helmets

​​Depending on the style and look, the different vintage helmet has different shell designs to fit the head of a motorcycle rider. Some example of the vintage helmet will make it clear about the shell design and quality of the vintage helmet.

DMD Vintage Helmet:

Vintage Helmet

These helmets have two shell sizes. For small shell design, the sizes are XS, S, and M1 while for the large size helmets, the designs are M2, L and XL. However these are the sizes of open face helmet and hence vary from the full face helmet.


Hanmei Leather Motorcycle Helmet:

This helmet is unique with its chin strap. The strap can be locked and unlocked as per the choice of the rider. It is made of good quality fabric that looks like leather but not leather actually. Like many other vintage helmets, it is also an open face helmet.


Nolan N20 City Helmet:

This helmet is DOT approved and there can be no issue regarding its safety and quality. The shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate and very strong but lightweight.


Daytona Basic Motorcycle Helmet:

it is also DOT certified and hence can be used for cruising. The shell of the helmet is made of fiberglass with UV protection which will protect the face of the rider from the UV rays of the Sun. there is attached chin strap which is made of good quality of nylon.


​TORC T50Route 66 Helmet:

 TORC is one of the most valued and popular manufacturers of the vintage helmet in America and UK. The looks of the helmets are vintage, with open-faced looks but equipped with all the modern features. The helmets made by TORC are moisture free with strong and durable shell materials.


GLX Copter Style Red:

 This vintage helmet is quite popular among the bike riders. The shell of the helmet is made of thermoplastic and also DOT certified. The liner of the helmet is washable which keeps the helmet clean and odor free. There is also a neck curtain in the helmet which adds more perfectness in its vintage looks.

ARROW AV-84 Vintage Deluxe:

This helmet is a combination of safety and style. This is DOT and ECE certified helmet, having 3D lining in it. The shell of the helmet is made of thermoplastic with a coating of UV paint in order to protect the face of the biker from the UV rays of the sun.


​Vega X-380 Old Skool:

Vega is a well-known brand of the helmet which manufactures both vintage and modern helmets. This X-380 old skool vintage helmet is both DOT and ECE certified. The liner of the shell is removable and washable too. It is noise free as it has the ability to reduce noise while riding a bike.


AGV RP60 Royal Helmet:

Round in shape, this helmet’s style goes back to the 50’s and 60’s. The shell of the helmet is made of fiberglass and is light weight. The liner of the shell is removable and washable too.


​​These are some example of the vintage helmet which are available in online stores like Amazon or Ebay. The manufacturer of these helmets gives more emphasis on both styles as well as the comfort of a motorcycle rider. Now a day many motorcycle helmet manufacturers, produce a helmet with classy looks of the past and which can provide safety and comfort to the riders. Except for the style of a vintage helmet, these helmets provide all the features which are modern and contemporary including air vents, good shell quality, UV resistant visor etc. Thus many of these helmets are certified by DOT and ECE.

​Types Of The Vintage Helmet:

vintage motorcycle helmet collection

​Generally there are six types of helmets available in the market. These are:

Full face helmet: these helmets cover the top, back and front of a head except the eyes.

Half Helmet: These helmets often cover the top of the head. These are popular among the vintage riders and also DOT certified. However these seem to lack the safety features.

Open Face Helmet: These are a vintage styled helmet and hence popular among the cruiser and riders of the motorcycle. Generally these helmets cover the top, back and sides of a head. They seem to lack the chin bar as well as the front shield too.

Modular Helmet: these are the most modern helmets. The chin bar of these helmets can be flipped up or can be removed entirely.​

Off-road Helmet: these helmets are full face with two other features called sun peak and an angular chin bar. The riders wearing off-road helmet needs to put on goggles as these helmets do not have any face shields.​

Hybrid helmet: these helmets have sun peak and ventilation system. So these helmets are a combination of both off road and full face helmets.Manual instruction for the helmet:​

Manual Instruction For The Helmet:

​A helmet is worn in order to protect oneself from any injury in case any accident takes place. But it cannot protect you in all kind of situation as situation differs from each other. However, a helmet may lessen your injury if worn perfectly. One must wear a helmet which fits him the best and which cover the full head. It should be attached to the head of the wearer properly. It should be positioned on the top of the head and buckle should be fastened before you ride on the bike.​

Customer Review And Scores Of The Vintage Helmet:

The open face vintage helmets are scored as best by the customer of helmets. The riders can enjoy the freedom of riding by wearing this. Many of the customers of this who bought it through Amazon seem to be very satisfied with the product. 40% of people give 5* to The Nexx X60 Vintage open face helmet in Amazon and the Core Open Face helmet gets 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

So to conclude it can be said that Vintage Motorcycle Helmets are very popular among the bike riders who has a craze for classy and elegance. These helmets look stylish, cool and classy which often represent a particular era of the past.​

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